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    Swedish Camo

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of Swedish M90 camo trousers in the UK? I know there are some airsofters on here, and thought some of you may know the best place to get hold of these things. I'd prefer originals, but happy with a decent set of copies (but NOT those awful Miltec copies!)...
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    Camping Kettle

    I do like the look of these little kettles - perhaps a bit too homely to be described as kit 'porn' (though one could think of it as a 'reader's wives', or 'high street honeys' version). Does any one have one and, if so, are they any good? They really appeal to me and I'm hoping to hear good...
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    Water Bottle Rope Sling

    Anyone got a link to a website with some good and clear instructions on how to make a net water bottle holder/sling from paracord or something? I'm looking for something that I can make to carry a 58 water bottle and sling it over my shoulder. I know you can get pouches that go on your belt...
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    Tarp clip thingies

    What is the name of those things you can clip on to the edge of your tarp for tying it down, and anyone got a link to them? Cheers
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    Response Pak question

    Quick question - are the straps on the back of a Response Pak MOLLE straps? Or could they be used as such? I could do with a small pack about the size of a Response Pak and I was hoping I could attached it permanently to a MOLLE rucksack. Cheers for your help.
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    Karrimor Predator 45

    I’ve been looking at getting a Karrimor Predator 45 pack. But at 2,300gms I think it sounds a bit heavy. And that’s without side pockets – so you could add another 500gms to that total weight by the time you’ve added two. How does that compare to other popular packs? Does anyone else here...
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    62mm Whittler

    Weekend just gone I bought a Polar 62 carbon blade from English Handmade Knives and put a handle on it and made a sheath. You can see it here: If you click on the link in my signature you can see more pictures and read some words about putting it all together.
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    What Glue For A Leather Handle

    I have a stick tang blade and I want to put a leather and wood handle on it - you know, different bits of leather all different colours stacked on top of each other. But what glue is best to use? Preferably something you can get in any high street. I was going to use a slow-setting epoxy...
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    OG PLCE side pouches

    Anyone know a reliable (mail order) supplier of OG PLCE Bergen side pouches? Ta.
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    Snugpack Rocketpak side pouches

    Does anyone know if you can buy the side pouches for a Rocketpak separately? I know they are PLCE compatible, so any PLCE side pouch should fit, but ideally I'd like to get a one in the same colour as the Rocketpak. I'll tell you why. I like my Rocketpak, but I find those side pouches too...
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    Response Pack Question

    Am I right in saying that the Snugpak wasn't the original 'response pack'? And, if so, does anyone know who made the original? Cheers.
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    Ups and Downs

    I had the day off work yesterday, and so went for a walk along the North Downs. It was splendidly peaceful, beautiful and warm day. Anyway, if you want to know more, and see some pictures then you can read more on my blog by clicking on the link in my signature. It's really left me not in the...
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    A Warbler?

    Anyone recognise what this little chap is? I think it's some kind of warbler - but can't really find a positive identification. Maybe a juvenile in Spring plummage? Here's a rear view...
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    Royal Wedding Dodging

    So, what bushcrafty plans do you have to avoid the boring wretchedness that will be the royal wedding? Personally, I intend on walking a stretch of the Pilgrims Way - should take a couple of days. Mind you, I don't buy any of the newspapers or magazines that feature the wedding, or watch any...
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    Tarp modification

    Need some advice/opinions. I want to put in a couple of loops on the inside of my tarp. They'll be for suspending a mozzie net and also a (lightweight) lantern. What's the best way of doing this? Ideally, I'd like to stitch the loops, for strength. But I'm worried about compromising the...
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    Canoe Length?

    Like everyone else, I'd love a canoe. But what length should I get? Like most bushcrafters I may be carrying a few extra pounds (well, maybe more than a few...), so what length should I go for? I'm thinking of 14' - but would 12' be OK? All advice gratefully accepted.
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    Aquarius - The Water Carrier

    I bought myself one of those 2 litre US square-shaped water bottles the other day and have just finished making a leather carry case for it. Here's a picture but you can see some more, and read about it, if you click the blog link in my signature (below).
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    Tiger vs Lion

    Well, that's one great pub-discussion resolved: the tiger wins! All we have to do now is get a squirrel and a cat together to see who'd come out on top! And a badger and a fox.
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    I continually have problems with posting pictures, so just seeing if I've fixed it...
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    Magnum Panther boots

    I was thinking of treating myself to some new boots. The Magnum Panther boot, with side zip, to be precise. Anyone esle have these? I'm particularly drawn to the side zip - I like the idea but wondered if anyone'd had problems with them? Just for clarification - I'm looking for feedback...