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  1. michiel

    Can I see your Scandinavian Knives

    Here we go. Work horses: Customs (which also get used :D )
  2. michiel

    Strop stuff

    I used to use cheaper compounds, but I got sucked into obsessive sharpening and I now only use the best compounds available. I only use Hand American and Ken Schwartz compounds. I finish up to 0.125µ
  3. michiel

    I know its been done before, but let's see your knives!!!

    Pretty much all of these get used or were used: I forgot a few: Fallkniven U2 Fallkniven F1 Fallkniven WM1 Boker slipjoints Benchmade griptillian Spyderco Caly 3 Spyderco UKPK Aito Puuko: BRKT Aurora: Benchmade Mini Dejavoo Böker year knife 1997 BRKT Bravo 1 BRKT BRKCA 2006...
  4. michiel

    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    I carry several. At home or in the office: Spyderco Caly 3 Fallkniven TK in tigerwood Fallkniven U2 Small Sebenza Out camping: SAK huntsman Benchmade griptillian Boker stockman in carbon steel Opinel.
  5. michiel

    Natural British sharpening stone test.

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but just got one of these in the mail and must say they are splendid. I think they finish a bit better than a 6k King when you've raised a slurry. Some pics:
  6. michiel

    What are Opinels like?

    I agree what has been said here. Cheap, thin, holds a decent edge and perfect to learn to sharpen (both convex as V)
  7. michiel

    100 Sharp Objects Under £30

    1: Multitool - Leatherman Squirt Multitool 2: Knife - Mora MG 510 3: Axe - Husqvarna Hatchet 4: Multitool - Victorinox Classic PenKnife (7 piece) 5: Folding Saw - Bahco Laplander 6: paific curtley folding knife ^^ 7:Knife, folding. SAK Victorinox Farmer. 8:Knife, folding. Svord Peasant. 9: £6...
  8. michiel

    obsessive sharpening and microscopy

    I got a 40x loupe and I wouldn't want to be without it now. It's great for sharpening and straight razors. Once you get into precise sharpening, there is no way back.
  9. michiel


    If he's going for a convex edge, than there are easier and better ways to do it. Stones are more suited for v-bevels and scandi ground knives. His knives are sharp, and he does know his stuff when it comes to knives (I've talked with him a few times on anoher forum), but with better technique he...
  10. michiel


    One of the worst sharpening techniques I've seen lately I'm afraid.
  11. michiel

    Cheap but good sharpening stone

    For bushcraft knives king stones suffice. I would get a xxc DMT plate (to keep stones flat ), a 300 grit king, 1000, 6000. I prefer something between the 1 and 6k, but you can skip it. It will take you a bit longer to get the scratches out on the 6k.
  12. michiel

    Show us your Knife sharpening/stropping kit !

    It's for both. On bushcraft knives I see no reason to go above a 6k finish as it will degrade fairly fast when working with wood. Most of these are used for straight razors and kitchen knives. I like highly polished edge, but there's a point when you don't feel the difference anymore in...
  13. michiel

    Sharpenning & stropping

    Mastering sharpening free handed is a great skill to have; You can get sharp edges pretty fast, but perfect edges take a while. If you do want a device, I can only recommend the Edge Pro.
  14. michiel

    Show us your Knife sharpening/stropping kit !

    Here we go :D 3m film (220, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 8000, 16000) Shun combo stone: 300/1000: Good starter stone King 6000: Too much of a plastic feel for me. I rarely use it now Naniwa Chosera: 400, 1000, 3000, 5000 DMT XXC: Essential for keeping your stones flat and removing metal...
  15. michiel

    sweet little B & T

    I like that! Can you give any details?
  16. michiel

    BRKT Aurora CPM3V...?

    Because we can :-)
  17. michiel

    BRKT Aurora CPM3V...?

    Just to make sure I asked Mike:
  18. michiel

    BRKT Aurora CPM3V...?

    Well on 21-10-10 Mike Steward said later this year, but seeing at their production schedule I would say februari, march.
  19. michiel

    Bark River Knives

    Oooh that's a very nice knife! Congrats on buying one of the best BRKT knives out there!
  20. michiel

    Enzo Trapper in Curly Birch with Custom Leather Sheath.

    Fantastic package at a great price!