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  1. Kirruth

    Ground Hog

    I'm far too long for a hammock, so it's the ground for me!
  2. Kirruth

    Museum of English Rural Life - Crafting introductions

    I thought people might be interested to know that the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading is running a series of crafting introduction classes. The next classes which run for 2 or 3 hours are: Hand-sewn quilting 10 & 17 May Hurdle Making 8 June Willow Work 14 & 15 June (they have...
  3. Kirruth

    Bushmoot 2007

    A big THANKS indeed to everyone involved. Bushmoot really is a special event!
  4. Kirruth

    Victorinox Lumberjack

    I am a SAK Camping girl - short and long blades, bottle and can openers, corkscrew, awl and saw; plus tweezers and a toothpick in the handle. Everything a body needs.
  5. Kirruth

    € 100. What to do with it?

    How about a nice LED flashlight? You can spend as much as you like, but I like 15 Euro single AA-battery pocket torches myself
  6. Kirruth

    Now, THIS 'torch' is literally a torch, no matches needed.

    I think I'll settle for a single-AA battery LED and a bic lighter, if it's all the same :p
  7. Kirruth

    Car winter kit

    Some good suggestions! Here's what the Highways Agency recommends: * Ice scraper and de-icer * Torch * Warm clothes and a blanket * A pair of boots * First-aid kit * Battery jump leads * Shovel - in case you get stuck in the snow * Take food and a...
  8. Kirruth

    The Maturing Face of British Bushcraft ?

    A great look for the next job interview!
  9. Kirruth

    You are your own responsibility

    I must admit, I always use a checklist both to remember to take stuff out and to remember to bring it back...
  10. Kirruth

    knife amnesty

    I'd expect the female scouts to be able to remove the stone from their own hooves :)
  11. Kirruth

    knife amnesty

    I must say, the public attitude is why I carry a Swiss Army Knife in my bag rather than a locking folder, or the Spyderco UK penknife. It achieves pretty much the same effect in daily life without any worry about people complaining to the Police if they see it being used. Besides, you never...
  12. Kirruth

    Who is coming to the Bushmoot?

    Wouldn't miss, it - will be there!
  13. Kirruth

    knife amnesty

    Well, I don't subscribe to the "knives = bad". That said, I do subscribe to the "knives + alcohol + argument = bad", so fair enough if pubs and clubs search people for weapons. As for the knife amnesty, well, as many people have said, you can dispose of these items at a police station any...
  14. Kirruth

    What do you never leave home without?

    The curse of having a handbag is you fill it up. I have these squirrelled away in my bag: - mini torch - SAK Camping - firesteel - strike anywhere matches - button compass - disposable poncho (impossibly glamorous) I'll usually carry a pocket map, notebook and pencil, cotton wool and...
  15. Kirruth

    Mobile/cell phones

    I always carry a phone (whether I am out in the woods or not). I picked up a pay as you go phone for 20 pounds last year, and it lives in my pack. I wouldn't rely on it (or anything else battery powered), and would always take a whistle and a mirror.
  16. Kirruth

    Just how does it affect you?

    It's part of a general pattern of creating new laws instead of improving enforcement. The amnesty and the consequent reporting of every stabbing countrywide (and pictures of scary saw tooth combat knives) create a climate of fear that make a new Criminal Justice Act possible. There are...
  17. Kirruth

    clanking kit

    Three words. Word 1: Compartmentalisation. Words 2 and 3: Cotton Wool (or loo paper or...anything else soft and spongy). Put in a ziplock bag and put it in with whatever's rattling.
  18. Kirruth

    My kit list

    I must say, no matter how bushcrafty I am feeling, I make sure I always take the ten essentials , namely: - Pocket knife - Matches (of the strike anywhere kind, in a match case with strike strip) - Firelighter (hexy but a piece of rubber inner tube works well) - Extra clothing (hat &...
  19. Kirruth

    Live in a tent or caravan all year round

    I know a number of people who live on long boats and they are a great solution for those who want mobility without sacrificing creature comforts. But you do have to like tinkering with engines and metal things.
  20. Kirruth

    Broken Leg

    Awww, I hope Val is now on the mend and feels better soon. It sounds like you did just the right thing: I am sure Val is very proud of you, and was very grateful you were there.