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  1. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Someone put me right on hook knives.

    Good luck with learning about different carving techniques! It really is great fun, lovely way to unwind and you get something beautiful and functional at the end. We really rate Ben Orford’s knives, again no connection, just very satisfied with the quality of his tools and we are also...
  2. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Happy Red....the habitat expands :)

    Spindle is lovely - the flowers are so pretty. We have a large patch of spindle, dispersed over several acres, at our woodland site in mid-Kent I always stop and admire the flowers :) All the best, Phil.
  3. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Woodpecker heard, not Spotted

    Love the woodpecker pics BR - nice work :You_Rock_ With "drumming" woodpeckers you can call them in to you - I've had three no more than 6 feet from me and I have also found that other birds, such as nuthatches, will also either respond or come in close for a look- this has also included a...
  4. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Altberg Warrior Original

    Hi Dougster, I've been Lowa Mountain GTX boots for some years now and I swear by them. I too was not convinced about a Gore-Tex lined boot but use nothing else now. The only brands I use are either Lowa or Danner. I have 2 pairs of Mountain GTX that I use on rotation so they are able to dry...
  5. Too Much Kit To Carry


    A Pixar bird too Squidders :) All the best, Phil.
  6. Too Much Kit To Carry

    It all started at a boot fair...

    Nice work! I love reading thread liek this - lovely items to be proud of :cool: ATB, Phil.
  7. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Wartime rosehip syrup.

    Love rose hip syrup! Really easy to make too. I wrote a recipe on my blog about two years or so ago
  8. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Sugar - from seed to spoon

    Excellent post the BR - great reading and inspirational!
  9. Too Much Kit To Carry

    what car you driving?

    For out in the woods we have a Defender 110 County:-
  10. Too Much Kit To Carry

    A bit of antler carving.

    Very pretty - lovely work Sir! ATB, Phil.
  11. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Jetboil or pocket rocket?

    Pocket Rocket for me - don't lend them out as cross threading them on the gas bottle is not good!!!!!!!!!!!! ATB, Phil
  12. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Damascus Firesteel

    Very pretty Dave :cool:
  13. Too Much Kit To Carry

    First Aid items Purchased. Anything i missed?

    I prefer I tick tool easer and normally gets the whole tick out - tweezers can break the tick and leave the head in!!
  14. Too Much Kit To Carry

    First Aid items Purchased. Anything i missed?

    Oh yeah - get some Compeed for blisters! Phil.
  15. Too Much Kit To Carry

    First Aid items Purchased. Anything i missed?

    Hi, Sam Split is a must as is the gaffer/duct tape as mentioned in the post below. Tick Tools are a handy must have as is have a finger stall Zinc Oxide tape is good - very sticky and promotes healing ATB, Phil.
  16. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Anybody used this fire piston?

    We have several of these in our firecraft teaching boxes and we rate them very highly. Solid and well made, and providing the rubber piston ring is adjusted correctly to form an airtight seal and it is also greased they never fail to create an ember. Really good bit of kit. ATB, Phil.
  17. Too Much Kit To Carry

    One for the Lavvu Squad

    Hi, Have you had a look at Bison Telt? Work well and were very well priced. ATB, Phil.
  18. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Atlatl event in Kent

    There is a brief and easy to follow spear thrower tutorial that I wrote several years ago available here for use Hoping this event will be popular and we can then start a UK Atlatl...
  19. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Infra red footage of badgers and wild boar.

    I forgot that I could have posted images to the below link :confused: Thanks! Phil.