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    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    Any news on a group buy for 2020?
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    Hi from Ireland

    Welcome, great to see more Irish people interested in bushcraft.
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    Day Out Sun's out, fun's out.

    A trip out to test my new DD multicam tarp, as sourced via the excellent BCUK group buy. This is a little hill just inside the Dublin county border that is used by dog walkers and mountain bikers in the main, but still possible to find some quiet corners off the beaten track. The March...
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    Day Out The view from the bivi #3

    Very envious, looks like a great spot.
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    Alternatives to a DSLR, what do you use?

    Huawei phone, one of the reasons I bought it was the Leica lenses. The Chinese can spy on my Instagram channel all they want, as long as they damn well like my photos. :D Battery life is outstanding also.
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    DIY logo design

    I am toying with the idea of having a go at putting together a social media channel (mostly Instagram) for my bushcrafting activities and wondered if anyone could recommend a simple and user friendly (i.e. noob) graphics website that I could use to design a simple logo? I have a rough idea in...
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    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    My tarp has arrived, again thank you so much for organising this Sandbag47!
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    Long tailed tits, great spotted woodpecker and a starling

    I thought the title was the opening line to a bit of avian humour. :D
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    great weather forecast website

    Does the site only forecast significant events? Maybe I'm being thick, but can't see a standard forecast? In terms of a forecasting site it seems a little niche? The science side is undeniably interesting however.
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    Gear made in Europe and the UK.

    Is the still made in Ireland I wonder? Sporthouse Bags, fantastic bags, but terrible information from manufacturers. Lots of artisan producers and knife makers.
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    Dyneema tarp ridgeline

    Thanks lads, appreciate the responses.
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    Dyneema tarp ridgeline

    Anyone using dyneema instead of parachord for a ridgeline? Wondering what diameter line you use? Prussick knots with same diameter line too?
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    Awesome youtube channels

    Some great suggestions with Helsinkipop being an absolute favourite of mine. To add to the list Living to Learn 1972 Woodsman Nagualero...
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    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    Can I add a 3.5 x 3.5 Multi cam tarp.
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    Weekend Kayaking in Norway Help

    If you are looking for Fjord Norway, then it's a flight to a much smaller airport on the west coast and fewer transport options (although very doable still). Personally I'd look at flight to Bergen, bus into the city, local train out to Stanghelle, blowup kayak into the water here and follow the...
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    Weekend Kayaking in Norway Help

    I think the simple answer is you're not going to get a cheap weekend of kayaking in Norway. Even if you had your own boat, transport and food are going to bump price quite a bit. If you're on a tight budget, I'd head back to Sweden. That link above sounds great, but it's a 5 day minimum and...
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    Socks for your boots - layering?

    Two pairs, everyday inner and woollen or "hiking" thick outer, never had many problems but rarely hike over 10 miles in one day. But two socks in boots is ingrained in my psyche now :D
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    My wife of 16 years passed away tonight.

    So sorry to hear of your loss, I hope you find a way through this very sad time.
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    Overnighter with a novice in the cold Scottish woods.

    Lovely trip report and some great photos, thanks for sharing the trip!
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    Over a month in the Scottish wilderness starting April 16th

    Looking forward to following your adventure.