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  1. Seoras

    Sula Sgeir - The Pick Up

    I will explain a little more. Scottish National Heritage monitor and licence the hunt on an annual basis - they monitor bird numbers in terms of numbers caught, how they are caught, how they are dressed and overall population. Profit wise, the team would be better off staying at home working...
  2. Seoras

    Sula Sgeir - The Pick Up

    A year and a half ago I took a trip on the Heather Isle to Sula Sgeir to pick up the lads who had just finished the Guga Hunt. This is a tradition that has been undertaken by the men of my village on the Isle of Lewis for many a year. They hold a licence from the Scottish Government to do this...
  3. Seoras

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 January Heat

    Happy Feet
  4. Seoras

    2019 Bushmoot Videos - Part 1

    Feel free Paul - I do not film every Moot and it would be great if you wanted to get involved in doing some next year.
  5. Seoras

    Lyn and Aaron's 2019 Bushmoot Wedding Video

    For those who were there - a wee reminder of a wonderful day. For those who could not be there - a wee peak at a wonderful day
  6. Seoras

    2019 Bushmoot Videos - Part 2

    Here are my other 3 videos from the 2019 Bushmoot Bushmoot Logrocket Bushmoot Skills Bushmoot In Flight Cheers, George
  7. Seoras

    2019 Bushmoot Videos - Part 1

    Hi folks - been working on some short videos of the 2019 Bushmoot over the last few weeks. In no particular order here are the first 3 (have to post them on two threads) - hope you enjoy them. Bushmoot People Bushmoot Food Bushmoot Fire There are three more in the thread 2019 Bushmoot...
  8. Seoras

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 August Heat

    Ahhhh - that's better :-)
  9. Seoras

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 July Heat Winner

    Well done Ruud
  10. Seoras

    Tilley Lamp Servicing at the Moot

    Needs to dig out mine - it needs a service as well.
  11. Seoras

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 June Heat winner

  12. Seoras

    A Woodcarving Gift

    A great carving Steve
  13. Seoras

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 June Heat

    Damselfly by the stream - taken on my Samsung S9+ a week ago while I was clearing the banks of the stream by our house of vegetation.
  14. Seoras

    The Giant Bushmoot Log Rocket

    Just put together a video of our giant log rocket we made at last years Bushmoot. The rocket was carved by Rob Nash. Cheers George
  15. Seoras

    WinterMoot 2019

    Hi all Sorry I missed all that lovely venison. Saw it hanging there then had to head for North Wales. I had a great few days at the Wintermoot and really liked the relaxed atmosphere. I have put my pictures into a OneDrive album (click this link to see them all) but here are four from it...
  16. Seoras

    BcUK Photograph of 2018 Winning Photograph

    Congratulations Woodspirits. Cheers for another great year of photography competitions Mesquite.
  17. Seoras

    BcUK Photograph of 2018 Competition October Heat Winner

    Cheers Steve - Very chuffed to win - even more so because of all the fantastic pictures that were posted. George