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  1. fred gordon

    Stolen Kit

    What a bummer! Just a thought but is there any way you might be able to claim on your house insurance? Some policies seem to cover kit away from home. Wouldn't hurt to give them a call.
  2. fred gordon

    Possibly going to France soon - what's the best opinel to get? Any alternatives?

    Have a look here as well; I bought one of these in France a few years ago and they are superb IMHO
  3. fred gordon

    Creamola Foam!

    Try Googleing 'Creamola Foam'. One or two sellers available. You have to be a certain age to remember just how good it was. It was also a great drink to take camping etc.
  4. fred gordon

    Creamola Foam!

    I believe Creamola Foam is back on the market. A great fizzy drink that comes in powder form. I remember it from the '70's. Has anyone tried the new version? If so what did you think?:)
  5. fred gordon

    This weekend, I will be mostly...

    Serious pruning of some wild roses in my garden. They haven't been done for 10 years so its hard work. Being taken for a birthday lunch on Sunday and spending some time in my shed.
  6. fred gordon

    Thoughts on this filework?

    I have to confess I really like it.
  7. fred gordon

    Interesting website

    Quite a few people on here are interested in Wildlife and photography in all its guises. Thought some of you might be interested in this site No connection etc.:)
  8. fred gordon

    Platy bottle

    I prefer the closure cap as I normally use my Platy as a water carrier for canoeing.
  9. fred gordon


    Hi stue888. Welcome to the Forum. Once you have been posting here a while I'm sure some of us might have some bits and pieces. Are you looking for anything in particular? Best to let people know what you are looking for:)
  10. fred gordon

    Large Eagle wood carving for sale

    Fantastic carving but out of my price range. Since it's carrying a fish is it an Osprey?
  11. fred gordon

    Wind up lanterns

    Never been fully convinced by these. I think the technology has a bit to go yet.
  12. fred gordon

    Hilltrek ventile windshirt colours?

    Really nice people at Hilltrek. I'm sure if you e-mail or give them a call they would send you a sample of the colours.
  13. fred gordon

    Two SAS Survival Books for swaps

    I have two SAS survival books to swap. Both are in excellent condition. Collins Gem - Survival Guide - hardback The Handbook of the SAS and elite forces - paperback Looking for a medium sized Drybag.
  14. fred gordon


    Slightly smutty, but a friend of mine was once asked by a drunk woman at a wedding if anything was worn under the kilt. He, in a similar state, said. No, its all in perfect working order!':nono:
  15. fred gordon


    Every wedding I've been to abroad I've been approached, Really? I would be careful!
  16. fred gordon

    What's your long term project for this year?

    Since I've just retired I have a few new projects. Walk the Great Glen Way then head west to Ardnamurchan.:camping: Spend two weeks as a wildlife guide on a holiday barge on the Caledonian Canal:grouphug: Week long open canoe trip with lots of camping and bushcraft:canoe: Visit my sister...
  17. fred gordon


    I'll go with Toddy here. I had an ex military kilt for years. They are bomb proof and don't cost the earth.
  18. fred gordon

    Made this today.

    Very nice indeed. A real marketing opportunity?
  19. fred gordon

    Alder spoon and Kuksa

    Very nice work. I love Alder, especially as it goes orange when first cut. Lucky lad your nephew.
  20. fred gordon

    Sorry my Friends!

    Do what you need to do. Thoughts go out to you. Many of us have been there so we do know how you feel.:)