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  1. Simon E

    Made my own Ventile Anorak/Cagoule

    Fantastic bit of kit, bravisimo!
  2. Simon E

    Survival videos

    Like I said, the yanks seem to like them, I wonder how many are repeat buyers though ;) Then again, some people are easily impressed/pleased :cool:
  3. Simon E

    Survival videos

    Have to agree with Stuart here, I bought a few of the ones that I thought would give me some good info. I'm afraid to say I was completely under whelmed with all of them, the crafts for the fields was a total joke and survival camping was a just as bad. Really, this guy needs to get a little...
  4. Simon E


    They might have the best warranty, but they are not the fastest gun in the West. I think you would be better off just fixing it yourself. Solid pins and a decent glue are going to be the easiest way. I have had stuff at BRKT for over 3 months and I had to badger them constantly to get it sent...
  5. Simon E

    Leather pouch for British Army Folder?

    States that these are now only available in black 22.50 Its stainless though (if this matters) down at the bottom of the page
  6. Simon E

    Best Steel

    I am pretty friendly with an up and coming maker in the US. (David Mosier of DMKnives) he uses S30V 90% of the time and his heat treat is spot on at 59RC. I asked him about S90V a while back and the answer I got was that its such a pain in the rump to grind that you go through twice as many...
  7. Simon E

    bushcraft set, utility knife & bushcrafter *pic heavy*

    I love that last one, its got a beauty and the beast thing going, that coarse finish of the blade and the silky look of the Olive wood is a good combo. Kinda like taking home the local librarian and she French kisses you in the car :lmao: :o
  8. Simon E

    What do you reckon to these

    If you cant find them or the missus is using then to hold up Tomatoes ;)
  9. Simon E

    Brew time

    M. It looks like this, but mine is an odd sort of Hammerite Blue and the valve is on the right. This is supposed to run on literally anything provided that you can get it hot enough to thin out, brake fluid and gearbox oil has been mentioned :eek: SB, yes, stove is up and running and...
  10. Simon E

    My late and much missed Uncle once said to me....

    Good job I'm not going Red, 2 pints is about half my usual morning intake :o Have a good one, there is nothing like a good laugh with mates to restore ones mood.
  11. Simon E

    What do you reckon to these

    Check this out, IMHO its the most versitile thing for the weight.
  12. Simon E

    Brew time

    Bored out of my mind and looking for something to do I though I would have a boil time test of my 2 multi fuel stoves. I have a really old Optimus Hiker (I think thats what its called, anyway it was also known as the Himalyan stove) and a Coleman Sportster M.F (M.F meaning either rip off Coleman...
  13. Simon E

    Awaiting knife from th USA

  14. Simon E

    Awaiting knife from th USA

    This amazes me, I have sent and received, literally dozens of packages and I have never had one held or go missing. I have sent umpteen knives to the US and listed them as such without a hitch. Anything with a commercial invoice on it will be grabbed, there are ways around a lot of it, but...
  15. Simon E

    English Rose - My First Attempt – My First Knife – See It In The Making - TRACY

    Brava! I love the mirror polish too, can't stand 'Patina' that the heathens seem to love ;)
  16. Simon E


    Guilty M'lord! I visit about a dozen times a day! Meh! :D
  17. Simon E

    Swedish Lapland 2007

    Great pictures M8, how about a little more info on the Sami log fire if you can.
  18. Simon E

    Best Steel

    I have never understood the panic about non stainless steels. The rust thing is so overblown, its a joke. If you really have to have this steel and cant stand the thought of rust, patina or stains then hand rub it to #2000 and it will readily resist all the mentioned effects. I have a crappy...
  19. Simon E

    Different edges ? Definitive explanation anyone ?

    Excellent choice with the F1 (Dodges high velocity acorns :) ) The convex edge is the simplest of all to sharpen and usually takes a couple of minutes at most. I have lost my ability to host my own video, but if there is an interest I can make one and put it on you tube or google video...
  20. Simon E

    Sharpening a Machete

    Sounds like you need to find someone with an Edge Pro to put a good edge on it (Sorry I have one but I live way too far from the UK to help out) then you need to convex it on a mouse pad setup to give it some durability. (check out the tree rats thread on 5 pound sharpening) You want about 25...