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    Bushcraft Job Lot (Most BRAND NEW) Grab a bargain!

    Bought with the intention of making a foray into Bushcraft but sadly I never got the chance to do so. All items have been listed individually but it would be considerably easier for me to sell it in one go. Feel free to ask my any questions about any of the items I will try to reply day and...
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    DD Tarp 3m x 3m BRAND NEW

    As the title states, this is a great quality tarp measuring 3m by 3m, it's of the standard green color and is perfect for any adventure! Any questions feel free to drop me a message! Price £20 + £5 postage
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    Fallkniven DC3 Sharpening stone

    Slightly smaller than it's cousin the DC4 but other than that it loses no functionality what so ever. Small and perfect to take on a trip in case you need to put a new edge on that favorite knife. Price: £8 + £3
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    ***FlexCut knife strop lightly used***

    A great little bit of kit, truly remarkable at how sharp this simple thing will get a knife. You could quite happily never put a knife to a stone if you kept on top of the sharpening with this strop. It also comes with strop paste to help with polishing and giving the knife that extra edge...
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    ***Crusader Cup Canteen BRAND NEW***

    A fantastic little bit of kit perfect for any camping pack! As the title stated it's brand new and hasn't even been taking out of its packaging. Price: £8 + £3 postage
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    ***Lanksy "Puck" Axe/Knife sharpener BRAND NEW***

    Lanksy puck sharpener. I have used Lanksy sharpeners for some time and whilst I have tested this bad boy out I can attest to the quality of their products and I expect this one to be no different. Price £4 + £2 postage
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    ***Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet BRAND NEW***

    As stated this is a brand spanking new Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet, sadly I never got the chance to put it to any use but I was overwhelmed by the craftsmanship of the axe itself when I first got it. Please feel free to PM me with any questions about the axe! Price: £50 + £5 postage
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    ***EnZo Trapper 95 Curly Birch BRAND NEW***

    As the title would suggest this is an EnZo Trapper 95 with Curcly Birch scales. It's razor sharp as would be expected from the amazing makers over at EnZo and furthermore it's one of the most beautiful knives I have ever owned by a long shot! Sadly I just don't have the time or motivation to...
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    Helle Harding *BRAND NEW* (quck sale needed)

    Sadly due to some pretty serious and ever more pressing fiscal problems, I am selling my Helle Harding. I wanted to take it out with me but I never got the chance. In terms of the actual knife itself, it's without a shadow of a doubt my favorite in my collection. I have owned a lot of knives in...
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    The best Bushcraft Knife UK vs US. Pictures please!

    It seems wrong to not include the EnZo Trapper into the mix, one of the best bushcrafters around.
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    Helle Eggen used but in great condition need a quick sale!

    As the title states, this is a Helle Eggen bushcraft knife. The knife itself is in great condition and has been moderately used but never for a , comes razor sharp and is one of the best knives I have ever used. The price is £20.
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    Fallkniven A1 new and unused, need a quick sale!

    As the title states, this is a new and unused knife. A brand new knife, the knife itself has not been taken outside the confines of my home. It's a fantastic knife, I could go on and on about the quality however there is an abundance of information online about Fallkniven's manufacture process...
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    Swap a new and unused Fallkniven A1

    Had the knife for a bit less than two weeks and am interested in any offers with regards to a trade, with my express interest being to trade for a bushcraft knife; something along the lines of a Jacklore would be a perfect example Thanks