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  1. lannyman8

    December or January winter trip over sea's

    Ok. So Im planning a trip to Norway or Sweden or some such place to do some walking and camp in the snow. Where is best to go to for some good snow??? It would be great if I could go straight from the airport. I would need to get food supplies from local shops though. Another question...
  2. lannyman8

    Poisonous Moth????

    Found this in my garden is ok for the kids to touch, my boy loves all bugs, spiders and things, he just picks them up. Sent from my GT-S6810P using Tapatalk
  3. lannyman8

    Child Knife Use Age To Start

    As stated, what age should I let my boy start using a knife?????? he is only young so plenty of time but any advice is most welcome. many thanks Chris.
  4. lannyman8

    HEADS UP!!! Into The Wild

    Just seen that the film INTO THE WILD is on tonight at 00:50 hrs on film four.... Great bushcraft film and a true story, well worth a look see. Just though i would share...;)
  5. lannyman8

    Harry Bears First Mountain Trip

    We have all been ill last week and this, i was realy realy hopeing to get to take Harry up into the snow but as we are all ill failed untill today. Managed it feeling like rubish though. So, Harrys first mountain trip...:D:D:D:p:p
  6. lannyman8

    Extreme Winter Hot Tenting Question.

    Im thinking of an extreme winter trip next year for a week some place very cold, its only for me so want a small tent so it stays warm with a little home made stove... when looking at tents i found this...
  7. lannyman8

    Rabbit Stew

    Nuf said...:p
  8. lannyman8

    Chocolate Woods...

    Took my wee man up the woods before I broke my hand, just some pics for you all...:) We had Hot Chocolate with hobo stove Chocolate Bread, Harry loves it...;) he walked about 1.5 miles up a very steep hill before he had to ask for help, i carried his about 1/4 of a mile then he did the last...
  9. lannyman8

    Nalgene Bottle Question?????

    Right, Im looking into a new cook system and need an answer on some things, does the Alpkit Mi Ti Mug fit the bottom of a nalgene bottle ( 1 ltr type with wide mouth ) and if some very kind sole could measure the bottom of the bottle in mm, that would be awesome help too... Im planning on...
  10. lannyman8

    Wales Trip 2/3 or 3/4 anyone up for it????

    I hoped to get some time in on the mountains with an over night,maybe Snowdon but wifey said no way im going on my own even more so with a gammey hand..... Soooooooooooo any mad persons fancy a 2 days and 1 night out job?????? either 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th of Jan 2015. regards Chris.
  11. lannyman8

    Christmas Gifts

    Come on then people, lets see your gifts, bushey or not..... Happy Christmas and I hope we have a better new year for all...:) My gift today was 4 hours in A&E but thats a different story... regards chris.
  12. lannyman8

    Wisdom teeth out

    well, enough said And me normal Sent from my GT-S5570 using Tapatalk 2
  13. lannyman8

    Wisdom teeth out

  14. lannyman8

    Weather Warning Black Mountains

    it been a long time since the trip but you know how it is....:):):) the plan was to walk that day, doing about 12-14 miles set up camp then walk the other end of the ridge down the mountain then up the paths and road back to the car. the weather was supposed to be bad but its not the first time...
  15. lannyman8

    Gum Turpentine Health Benefits

    I stumbled across this by mistake and have read through the posts for some time this morning, it seems to be worth considering???? Has anybody ever used it in this way???? I would be interested in the results and outcome of its use.... Hope its of some use to people. 100% Pure Gum Turpentine...
  16. lannyman8

    Replacement jets for multifuel stove

    I have been looking for just the replacement jets for multi fuel stoves but cant seem to find them by them selves, all i can find is packages with seals the jet and other bits, all i need is the jets???? any ideas where i can get some, im after just the jets 2 x number 45 (i think) for a primus...
  17. lannyman8

    dehydrating meals in the oven

    well i have been toying with the idea for a while, im getting in some mountain time soon and wanted some freeze dried light weight meals to take with me, how ever i do not want to pay the price of them, i dont have a dehydrator, so oven it was to see what i could do... mince was the meat of...
  18. lannyman8

    Avtur as stove fuel???

    so gents, as above, has any one ever used Avtur as a stove fuel???? its used as aircraft fuel and is a refined kero. your thoughts would be great... many thanks. chris.
  19. lannyman8

    winter Snowden advise

    hey all, I am planning a winter Snowden trip or maybe the Black Mountains, just wanted to know your thoughts about the area... I have some crampons and some good clothes and equipment and have been worse places before but never to these areas.. the main thing i wanted to know is will i need...
  20. lannyman8

    multi fuel stove set up????

    Hi all, just wondered how people set up the multi fuel stove like this with the remote burner head. i would think it needs a wind shield but how do others set up and why?????? a picture would be good too....;););) the reason i ask is that...