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  1. J

    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    Aye Up Gii Shi Kan Dug, You've nailed it! I refer you to post #250 - no response to the Qs for a month! :)
  2. J

    Cheap LED Torch Mod

    Aye Up, The escapades of those with CREE torches in a recent post by Bishop prompted me to post this. A few years back I bought about half a dozen of the below ex military surplus torches for about 50p each as they 'had a fault' and weren't working correctly. They are some kind of fairly...
  3. J

    Condor Ktact desert kukhri - Any opinions?

    Aye Up, Thanks for that Badger, I'll see if I can find any footage of it being used. I was expecting more than one reply, especially from those who have previously professed the virtues of the ones made from old vehicle springs. Could it be that they just don't stack up?;)
  4. J

    Cold steel special forces shovel

    Aye Up, It's interesting how often this subject of entrenching tools/shovels comes up on the site. I think that I have replied to threads on at least a couple of previous occasions. I'll come to the 'spetznaz' shovel shortly. Some are not quite sure where a 'shovel' fits into bush-crafting...
  5. J

    Condor Ktact desert kukhri - Any opinions?

    Aye Up, A short time ago there were a few threads on here discussing the pros and cons of Kukhris marketed by various companies. I don't recall anyone mentioning the one in the title sold by Heinnie Haynes. Has anyone bought/used/can comment on the pros and cons of it? Can anyone comment on...
  6. J

    Savlon vs Germolene vs Neosporin vs Chloramphenicol

    Aye Up, +1 Germolene - if it tastes the same as it smells - its root beer.:wtf:
  7. J

    Triple Aspect LMS Railway Hand Lantern.

    Aye Up Wayland, Yes I suspect that they may well have met up as I recall my grandfather mentioning Shap when I started my adventures in the Lake District back in the early 70s. 'Spadge' was a morphing of - Signal Passed at Danger! It was no doubt with reference to those records! He'd...
  8. J

    Triple Aspect LMS Railway Hand Lantern.

    Aye Up, Interesting post Wayland, those are nice lamps. My grandfather worked for LMS too. Too young to be called up for WW1 and too old for WW2 (but by then in a reserved occupation I believe) he began as an engine fireman. Apparently he was so good at shoveling coal that he was sought...
  9. J


    Aye Up, I think that someone has overcooked this ad - those groundsheets are defo not insulating, perhaps they are getting mixed up with the narrower folding mat made of (slightly) expanded foam and do offer a degree of insulation. The groundsheets that I bought cost a couple of quid, on the...
  10. J


    Aye Up, This might be a better sized image for the BW sheet
  11. J


    Aye Up, You are going to struggle to get away from plasticky if you want waterproof, lightweight.and durable. I've been using the German surplus ground sheets for several years and although they are a bit plasticky the ripstop mesh weave does create a less slippery surface. I wish that I had...
  12. J

    For Sale Fox survival knife.. Jungle king style..

    Aye Up Caswcc, How long is ages to you pal? I had one of those back in the early 1980s! (This might be relevant) Rambo film inspired I think. I've still got the sheath and some of the bits - not the catapult rubbers, like yours they perished. If yours is the same it will have a small...
  13. J

    LK35 Modified with MOLLE/PALS panels and Padded Waist Belt

    Aye Up MrEd, I hope that it works for you, interestingly there was reference made yesterday to the same thread issue in another thread (no pun intended!) and Toddy recommended a specific thread and there was comment about where to get it. I can't recall the thread, still struggling between new...
  14. J

    North Wood December 08~10 2017

    Aye Up, Looks like a good time was had by all. So is that 6 sausage sarny a Black Country take on the more up to date Brummy delicatessen version - the Chiabutty? lol
  15. J

    Which is the more breathable.. AEGIS or Gore Tex Pro?

    Aye Up, You're welcome:)
  16. J

    Hi from Dudley

    Aye Up, From what I see on the site they seem to be quite active. I think that they meet at least a couple of times per year as a group perhaps more. I'm sure that if you drop one of them a PM (Wood Spirits?) they will bring you up to speed. They seem an approachable lot (especially if you've...
  17. J

    Remeberance Weekend.

    Aye Up, Booted, suited and beret-ed, another annual attendance at a local parade with my offspring (mil/ex mil). Relatives and friends to remember from past conflicts. Turned up at a different town in the locality this year to be unexpectedly approached by a female vet who asked us (told us...
  18. J

    Which is the more breathable.. AEGIS or Gore Tex Pro?

    Aye Up Kipanderson, I can't speak for AEGIS or Gore Tex Pro - just Goretex and a whole host of other so called 'breathables'. In my experience whether there is any difference when used in real life is so subjective that it is quite hard to quantify. I've been soaked through in Goretex from...
  19. J

    Changing the order posts appear

    Aye Up, I was wondering that too - at the moment I find that as soon as you scroll even a tiny bit that green block with a white arrow appears at the right of the screen and clicking on the down arrow at least takes you to the earliest post on that page. Any use?
  20. J

    Hi from Dudley

    Aye Up, Welcome. If you check out the post on North Woods you'll see that most of those blokes are middlelanders.