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  1. Tiley

    New Alox... Farmer X.

    I ordered mine from Victorinox directly. It arrived, postage free, from Germany in 2 - 3 days.
  2. Tiley

    New Alox... Farmer X.

    I received mine on Friday. I like the added thickness which makes it more comfortable to use. The greatest thing about it, though, is the knowledge that I now have an alox s.a.k. which has all the tools I need and use and none that I don't. Pleased? I'm blooming delighted with it!
  3. Tiley

    Lightweight Rucksacks 30 to 50 litres

    Exped make some good packs which have the added advantage of being waterproof for the most part. This one might tick the box for you: I really rate the Crux range of packs, too - light and utterly bombproof. By...
  4. Tiley

    Spoon carving

    Beautiful spoons. As a matter of interest, how long was your wait before you topped Nic Westermann's list? I would love one of his twca cams...
  5. Tiley

    Commissioning a Knife – Wolven Path Forge, Canadian belt knife 2

    Great stuff! Your excitement is clear to see! Lovely knife and leather work, by the way; I look forward to hearing about how you get on with it.
  6. Tiley

    Looking for a rucksack, around 35L.

    I've got and use one of these. Incredibly well-made and comfortable to use. They'll carry a pretty hefty load easily, without straining your shoulders or back.
  7. Tiley

    Bowl Carving bench

    Looks like a really useful, flexible bit of kit. The bowl is rather lovely, too!
  8. Tiley

    Hultafors Overstrike Guard Wanted

    Brilliant. Thank you very much for posting the pictures - they are very useful! The section of inner tube is a good idea - I'll definitely slice off a length and use it.
  9. Tiley

    Hultafors Overstrike Guard Wanted

    The picture would be brilliant and I will certainly look up 'common whipping' to find out how to do that. My only hope is that I don't get referred to a string of S&M sites!
  10. Tiley

    when old world tech meets new world design

    That's looks like a really good day pack +. I suppose, like a Barbour jacket, it would take several years of systematic use and abuse for it to begin to 'look the part'; in the meantime, though, it'll definitely keep the contents of the pack dry. A lovely find - but I mustn't... I really...
  11. Tiley

    Hultafors Overstrike Guard Wanted

    Just returning to the paracord overstrike option, does anyone know of any useful video footage on how best to do this? I have an axe that would benefit from such a guard but I would like to know how to do this as neatly as possible. I've already got my PVA adhesive and some water ready - now...
  12. Tiley

    Proper, old fashioned dufflebag like wot I had at school...

    That is excellent! I remember them: I had a dark blue one in the 70s. It was absolutely bombproof; sadly, I don't know what happened to it.
  13. Tiley

    What do you want to Buy?

    I'd like time. Time to do all the 'jobs' and a whole load more to indulge in the growing range of projects that interest me. That, and a job in September. For obvious lock-down reasons, I haven't had the opportunity to secure another teaching post for the new academic year. As the days go...
  14. Tiley

    Bungee lathe

    Curses! Just when I thought I was nearing the end of my 'to do' list, you go and produce that! It is one of the things I have been meaning to try and make for a while, having loved the pole lathe turning process on a friend's set-up. Looks as though a trip to the builder's merchant is on the...
  15. Tiley

    A few boredom busting makes

    Just looking at them, you can tell that they would be beautifully warm! Oh well...!
  16. Tiley

    Tactical or traditional?

    That method of packing a rucksack is still the one taught by Outward Bound in the U.K.. old habits die hard, I guess!
  17. Tiley

    A few boredom busting makes

    I'd love a pair of those mittens! They look so cosy!
  18. Tiley

    Smallest cooking kit

    I love that Meta 71 cook set! They must be incredibly difficult to find nowadays.
  19. Tiley

    Tactical or traditional?

    I tried a Rush 24 once and did not like it. Zips on rucksacks are, to my mind, not good news: when they fail - and they do! - it renders the pocket of compartment next to useless. So, I have gone back to a good old single compartment thing with straps. On the day pack front, I have a choice...
  20. Tiley

    The Tale of the Three Shelters

    Great: really informative and interesting. I love the little details, particularly the birch 'brush' for cleaning your pan. It is good to see natural resources deployed so effectively - it means a lighter pack as a result! Thank you.