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    For Sale Bark River Bravo Survivor CPM 3V

    Sorry that was meant to be a PM please message me rather than reply on here doh
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    For Sale Garberg, First aid kit and other great stuff!

    Pm sent regarding the garberg
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    Dulo knives

    Got a DBK from him a while back in Vanadis 4e. Excellent knife best feather sticker ever! Heavy though! What did you go for?
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    Lafuma canvas and leather pack

    You got my message mate
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    Lafuma canvas and leather pack

    How many litres roughly are these Thanks
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    For Sale Kellam Wolverine, Millican Smith pack, Thermarest sleeping Bag

    Bag arrived already!! Spotless and exactly as described. Many thanks
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    Esse junglas

    Still no contact... Someone else can have this if they haven't already
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    Esse junglas

    Pm sent, I'll take this. Awaiting reply
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    Ray Mears/Woodlore Leaf Cutter rucksack & Snugpak Stratosphere Hooped Bivvi

    Hopefully pm message received saying I'll have the rucksack
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    Fallkniven A1

    Pm sent to you
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    Handles added. Dartmoor Blade Blanks For Project.

    Same as above if there is a blade or blade and handle left please send me a pm and I'll get the money to you straight away
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    Sleeping bag recommendations

    Thanks for all the replies.. Didn't expect so many or for the topic to become so wide. Interesting all he same. In the end my local camping shop had a massive sale on mountain hardwear kit. I picked up a lamina 20 which has a comfort of -2 and packs down really well for a synthetic bag. Build...
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    Sleeping bag recommendations

    Thank you so far for the helpful replies. Do wiggy's ship to the uk at a sensible rate? Also any other brands I should check out? Like Nanok etc?