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    Odd shaped spoon

    Its looking good nicely done must say...
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    Off to Sweden

    Hi Jake, what parts of the country you are exploring?
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    DYI Rucksack Upcycle

    Great job there Neil, another good video
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    Greetings everyone!

    Hello Quinlan, welcome to the forum
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    Paypal question

    You have to link accounts first, then there are transfer options but make sure you are doing the right thing as it problems with refunds
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    Balinese Blaka

    Can you repost it ?
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    Wool shirts for office wear

    Wool is not a good option for office environment. I only prefer pure cotton only. If you want to get the good stuff that isn't expensive, go for sale options visit market and you definitely fine some...
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    Dry bags?

    Been using the exped one for long they are durable and good
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    Inbuilt compass

    Just buy a $50 decent compass watch no need to implant
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    Cooking a leg of lamb over campfire

    How about cooking in the mud
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    Who to report this mess too?

    Did you try report it to local Council? I know councils are messy but did you play your part...
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    Hi from Oman

    Wow!! Oman interesting choice to walk...keep sharing your experiences
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    Fat wood, never again

    From the hand made perspective this is looking great
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    Happy Birthday - Twodogs

    Happy Birthday Cliff may this be the best :hapbirth:
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    ''ULU'' Knife help

    Its great you tried to made it yourself and can also find it easily in brick and mortar stores...
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    REALLY reproofing an army poncho.

    Well half tube?? How well it work
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    Chest pack help

    Baribals has some amazing options
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    Outside frames

    Love the mystery ranch but there are couple of similar options depending on your pocket
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    Horse vs Gator (WARNING!!! Animal Violence)

    Horse on rescue mission WoW!!