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    Boot type knife

    what do you want to spend, i have two, one is a jap. kershaw amphibian, and the other is an early case boot knife, both new with leather sheaths.
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    Air / Rifle Scope

    TOTAL RIPOFF the scope is scrap, all jammed up, cannot be zeroed
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    Svord Peasant, Custome folder for gardening, BUCK 283

    i'll take the buck please
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    Old Rhino Air Rifle Scope - cheap

    yes please, please give me your paypal address..
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    Air / Rifle Scope

    yes please, paypal ok?
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    DD Tarp XL, Mora Robust, SRM Land 905 , Mears Mora 510 and others.

    SanRenMu Land 905 locking folder with wood scales, full flat grind, a robust liner lock folder, gets scary sharp when stropped. Very lightly used £8 can i have this one please
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    Lock Back Folder and a Nice Zippo.

    PM sent for both
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    Husqvarna hatchet, Hultrafors knife

    PM sent about the axe
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    GB Wildlife hatchet, DD tarp, Sigg, Klean Kanteen, and a stove.

    what thread is on the stove, as i can see in the photo, if its the big thread like 25mm across i will take it..thanks
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    Leatherwork stuff

    I have a load of linen thread, all off white, about 1mm, 3 cord,No18 2ounce, and a load of stamps with a heavy duty handle, pictures and two sizes of leathers, PM me if your interested...peter.