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  1. mark

    The Hunger: Death Race on Discovery

    Did anyone else see this last night on Discovery? On again today. Looks like it may have been on Animal Planet at some point as well. African bushcraft, tracking and hunting with the San, a hunter...
  2. mark

    Cold night out hanging

    I am fairly new to hammocking but not new to sleeping out. Last night I was out in my hammock and I was cold. I used my winter down sleeping bag that I've used numerous times on the ground and in various conditions including snow-holing and well below freezing - I'm normally really toasty in it...
  3. mark

    What does birch sap taste like?

    OK, today I was out for a wander around and thought I'd see if the birch sap was rising. I picked a suitable tree, made a small cut and the sap started to ooze out slowly. It tasted quite bitter; I was under the impression that it should be sweet. Anyone else experienced this? cheers Mark
  4. mark

    Slow worm?

    Out for a walk this afternoon with eldest son and we spotted this: It was about 20cm long, I think it's a slow worm. Images no the greatest, we only had phones with us - fail. Some other people on the path nearly trod on it, they didn't see it. Mark
  5. mark

    Tracks in France

    Now that I've worked out how to upload photos (thanks Resnikov), I thought I'd share some tracks that we found when on holiday in France. For the canine prints, to me they do not look like domestic dog - the middle toes are slightly splayed, whereas on a domestic dog they are generally either...
  6. mark

    Test Photo

    Test post to see how and if it works