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    Article: Book - Discover Nature Awareness

    I have had a couple of copies of this fantastic book for a while and have attended Geoffrey's Natural Awareness course. I regularly use a selection of these exercises with my Ecotherapy clients, and also in my own nature-based personal development workshops with amazing results. If you want to...
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    Hello from sunny Manchester

    Hi all, Just thought I'd say a quick hello and introduce myself. For years I've had a keen interested in bushcraft, native skills and tracking but am no expert in any of them. I love nothing more than getting out and doing some wild camping. For a number of years I've been attempting to...
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    Counselling, Bushcraft and Kids!

    Hi Rich, I'm also just about to run my first workshop doing something very similar, although I'm intending to work more with adults rather than children. I don't know exactly what level of training you have, but you probably have enough to get started. Although it never does any harm to do...
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    Looking for Woodland to run Nature-Based Activities in North West or North Wales Area

    Hi Acorn, Thank you very much, thats very helpful. I'd not considered any of those locations, I will go check them out. Its always good to have plenty of options. Since posting my original message i've actually found a place in North Wales near Bodfari called the Woodland Skills Centre...
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    Looking for Woodland to run Nature-Based Activities in North West or North Wales Area

    Hi all, I am a psychotherapist/counsellor who personally has had a life-long interest in nature and outdoor skills. I'd like to combine my professional and personal interests to run nature based therapy workshops. Nature based therapies are proving to be remarkably effective for common...