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  1. Partickpebbles

    On 02 Sony Erricson X1 Experia Mobile Phone

    Hi, A Classic, on 02, with its box, charger etc. Offers approx £30.00 Anyone?
  2. Partickpebbles

    Gas Bottle, What to do?

    Hi, I have this Gas Bottle Just wondered if any one knows its use, BBQ, Stove etc? And where do I fill it? Or what to do with it? Thanks
  3. Partickpebbles

    Nice to get back out!

    Was such a nice day yesterday, Resnikov and I dusted off the Hammocks yesterday and popped down our local park for a afternoon hang!... its was lovely! Some happy memories and we will certainly be out again soon! Thought I'd share! j
  4. Partickpebbles

    Bear Grylls - Artic Down coat

    So i've been thing about a winter jacket/coat for a while. Resnikov and I looked at Great outdoors (He found a great North Face coat!) I have looked at some of the Mainstream brands like Superdry (Everyone has em!) but time and time again when visiting Craghoppers I was drawn to the BG Artic...
  5. Partickpebbles

    The Major Series

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone else has done an event in the Major Series. For my sins I am doing the Bramham one in March! Should be fun!
  6. Partickpebbles

    Out this Friday, as the forecast is goooood!

    Well that the plan, in my permissions wood. Been a while so should be interesting to see the changes since last time I was there (June time I think..) Certainly looks ver green with a tinge of Orange! Plan to stay in the same spot where we have wood stock built up! Will post pics of course!
  7. Partickpebbles

    Mountain Warehouse...good sale

    Hi, was at our local shopping outlet, and went into Mountain Warehouse. Good 50% off offer, even if for little bits, mats etc.. Thought I'd share.
  8. Partickpebbles

    Doing a little DD/Bushcraft Corner at an event this Sunday

    I am part of a group thats organising an event (Concert/Picnic) in Yorkshire this Sunday. The site is in a public park that happens to have 3 perfectly set mature trees to hang the Hammocks on.!/event.php?eid=124047937674658 So last Sunday Resnikov and I...
  9. Partickpebbles

    Another Night in our Wood!

    So Friday despite the showers, Resnikov, me another mate revisited our Permissioned wood. It had been a month since our last visit and the good weather had certainly promoted growth. The Canopy what far fuller and so supressed the daylight more than before. It was strange sitting in a dark...
  10. Partickpebbles

    Can you help me identify this?

    Out at our usual Permissions Wood in Yorkshire, and when gathering wood, noticed this... Is it likely to where Deer rest perhaps? There are certainly 2/3 areas in the wood like that... Thanks
  11. Partickpebbles

    Top 5 items to cook in a fire.

    Hi Heading out Friday for an overnighterand just wondered what peoples top 5 dishes are to cook on a open fire? So far I have done: Raikeys Chorizo and sweet potato dish which was lovely. Jackets spuds using foil. Chicken Curry in the tin/can. Sausage and Beans in the can. So as you...
  12. Partickpebbles

    Air Rifles - whats the law/rules and regs

    Hi just wondered what the rules and regulations are with air rifles, ie where you can use them, carry them etc.... Thanks
  13. Partickpebbles

    DD Tarp and Hammock in the Wind!

    Was a bit breezy yesterday and still is today by all accounts...but yesterday i wanted to test the woopie slings that Resnikov had made, so set up in the park! Got to say that tarp+wind=tricky work!, that said when I finally had the tarp up in its 'usual' stood up well! and the...
  14. Partickpebbles

    Amsteel and Woopie Slings etc

    So following the Group buy purchase of the Amsteel, Mine was delivered yesterday, and Resnikov an I had an experimental making session! Quite surprised how tricky the actual process is! The Amsteel sure is touch stuff, although the colour seems to come off easily... not sure who dyed the...
  15. Partickpebbles

    So just brought...

    this... and jolly excited... My knife collection is pretty pathetic...but has been more than satisfactory for my needs to be honest...
  16. Partickpebbles

    Bear Grylls Trousers...

    Got to say, I know there are mixed views......but the Bear Grylls Survivor Winter Trousers are fantastic... I was brought some by my wife (I had nothing like to wear!)... Comfy, functional, easy to wash...... Probably not for wearing on uber hot days....bur for this weekend they...
  17. Partickpebbles

    So was out at the weekend again...Warning Pic Heavy!

    for night two this year! Was with Resnikov and a friend of ours who camps (more mainstream!), but had not experienced Hammock and Tarp Set up before. We were in our wood where we have permissions, and the difference a month or so makes was amazing. Firstly the amout of greenery that...
  18. Partickpebbles

    DD Hammock and Tarp Set...

    Hi, Was about and About again at the weekend, and took oportunity to look at my DD set up. I wanted to try a spacer bar in the fly net.....(Excuse the cable ties here!) Basically an old tent Post, it had split, hence the cable ties!, thread the elasticy thread through and then attach...
  19. Partickpebbles

    Just wondered about these Mushrooms....

    Hi, out and about this weekend a came across these! The White ones were about 10-11 inches across, the Black ones only 1cm across.... Are they edible? Thanks James:campfire:
  20. Partickpebbles

    Axe Sharpening.. 1st go...

    Hi recently invested in a Dremel Hobby tool and today had my first go with the sharpening tool on my old axe. Got to say am quite impressed, got it very sharp indeed. I guess that if the edge is razor sharp, then should I assume the edge is weaker? Cheers