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  1. shoogai

    Two nights and a Tipi.(pic heavy)

    Very nice looking trip. Shame about the disturbances. Thanks for sharing.
  2. shoogai

    Pictures from a recent few trips out.

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a nice time. What are you shooting at by the fence? What kind of gun are you using? Thanks.
  3. shoogai

    What would you like from the US?

    I'm just curious. I was going to order a sheath for my bahco laplander saw, a millbank bag, nato bottle & crusader cup from a web site in England but decided against it when I found out how much shipping would cost. I guess I just wondered if you felt like the grass is greener on the other side...
  4. shoogai

    What would you like from the US?

    Greetings from Tennessee. What bushcraft gear would you like from the US that you can't get in the UK or don't get because shipping charges are too expensive? I hope I'm not duplicating any posts & my apologies if so. Thanks.
  5. shoogai

    Ray baking bread

    That looks great.
  6. shoogai

    Hello from Tennessee.

    Thank you all for the welcome.
  7. shoogai

    Hello from Tennessee.

    Hello from Cumberland County, Tennessee. I belong to a bushcraft forum over here & thought it would be nice to join you folks. I like vintage gear, knives, & diy/modifications.