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  1. Ozhaggishead

    Outtakes..Form Compatibility with the new Stainless Steel Canteen

    Okay so was trying to do this short film for the on You Tube.But some time the gods just look down on you and laugh....
  2. Ozhaggishead

    Bushcraft Ethics and Spotted Gum Harvesting

    Hey guys this is a short film I made...In bushcraft we talk a lot about what is the best knife or axe.But seldom do you hear anyone talking about using these tools ethically. I am really angry and upset at some of so called bushcraft videos posted in you tube.Some people seem hell bent on...
  3. Ozhaggishead

    Birch Handle Puukko by Kari Kuitunen

    Hey guys ,this video is a look at a knife by finnish knife maker Kari Kuitunen.The handle is stuning classic curly birch and juma. When I first got the knife in the mail I said to Kari.. Your knife came Kari,very nice I not sure to use it or just take photos of it..!!Kari replied..."Many...
  4. Ozhaggishead

    Feather Sticks Practice with a Helle Harding

    You guys my enjoy this short vid this just a bit of old school Feather Sticking...
  5. Ozhaggishead

    Bit of a walk in the Australian woods

    Hey guys...This is just a slideshow I put togther from my wildlife pics for various bush trips.All pics taken in NSW mostly along the coastline..
  6. Ozhaggishead

    I now a Wetterlings fan..

    Any of you guys Wetterlings axe fans??I just did a bit of a trade with with a chap from Denmark and got the 19" hunters axe.As you can tell from this short vid I am haveing a lot of fun.Is a really great tool cuts very wel I need to do a full reveiw.. .
  7. Ozhaggishead

    John Horton a Bushcrafty Kind of Artist

    Hey guys I know some of you will enjoy this....It is a slideshow of the artwork of my good friend John Horton.John art work often reflects is passion for wilderness skills and a love of nature and the outdoors. Some of you my know his work from his cutting cartoon caricatures of the likes of...
  8. Ozhaggishead

    BRT Bladeworks"Bobber" Reveiw

    A bit of a look a Sheeps foot knife made by BRT Bladeworks over in the states.I made the leather sheath for freebullet who is on the chap on you tube..
  9. Ozhaggishead

    Stung twice by bull ants..!!

    Helle harding knife $120,camera $200,tripod $30...Geting stung twice once on each arm by bull ants on camera priceless
  10. Ozhaggishead

    New Zealand pack from 1971

    Here is a few pics of a 40 year classic kiwi canvas backpack I picked up.The maker is W.J. Hall(1971) who no longer seem to be in business.That's is a bit of a pity as it is a really well made pack of a stranded rarely seen in gear these days.This was called there Everest model so I take it was...
  11. Ozhaggishead

    My new deer skin moccasins

    I just wanted to show you guys my cool new made to measure moccasins.These moccasins where made by full time artisan and friend of mine Jann French.Jann first learn the art of making moccasins in the traditional native American style.But she has gone to develop her own totally unique style.She...
  12. Ozhaggishead

    One handed neck sheath

    This is a little project I working on at the moment guys.It is a leather knife sheath for a bushcrafter who has just the use of one hand.Some of you guy know him from over on You Tube as OneArmedSurvival.... He asked me to make him a leather neck sheath for him Mora hunter.I also make a foot...
  13. Ozhaggishead

    New Hulta Bruks axe

    I just thought I show you guys my new big boy's toy.I got this Hulta Bruks axe from a local big hardware chain coat me $53 AUD(about 31 GBP ).Here is a few pics looks like a pretty good axe to me.But I really no expert on axes let me know what you guys think.. [ The the axe head is made in...
  14. Ozhaggishead

    New leather sheath fo a old mora knife

    Hey guys I just thought I show you my latest leather craft project.I guy I know asked me to make a sheath for much loved old mora.His is his most use knife but he hated the cheap plastic sheath. I kind of wanted the sheath to look a bit sort of worn in as it is a new sheath for a old...
  15. Ozhaggishead

    Some of my latest leathercraft work

    Hey Guys,Just thought that I would post a few pics of my leather craft projects for the pass few months... This is a sheath I made for a Bahco lapplander folding saw.Double dangler with a hot wax dip,like how this one turn out. The same sheath worn on the belt with one of my bushcrafter's...
  16. Ozhaggishead

    Old german army pack bit of a review

    I got this old German army pack from the surplus store for 15 bucks.I know it is not going to be to everyone's tastes but I kind of like the that retro 1950's style of gear.The pack is a relic of the cold war made for the old and now defuncked east German army.The Guy at the army surplus store...
  17. Ozhaggishead

    New leather Belt pouch

    Here is a few photo of my latest leather craft project a belt/possibles pouch.Just finished so took a few snaps in the backyard.The design is based on old Scottish sporran from the 17th to 18 centuries. Top half is a dyed tan cow hide with a Turk's head knot as a button.I used snow-seal...
  18. Ozhaggishead

    Two Aussie scandi nut's do a littel bit of workshop time..

    Me a Corin hooked up last Sunday to spend a bit guy's doing stuff in the shed together time.We live about one hours drive from each other here in Australia...So we decided to do a bit of "trading of skills"..... Corin has a lot knowledge with working with it is part of day job and is...
  19. Ozhaggishead

    Front garden looking crazy fungi

    Found this really crazy looking mushroom growing in the garden:yikes:!!!!I don't what the hell it's is called,Looking for a bit of help to I.D this one guys:D Look like the mushroom from hell or something:eek:
  20. Ozhaggishead

    Post a photo of you homestead

    I know that a lot of you guys here on bushcraftUK are into homesteading stuff like growing you own veggies,winemaking,soapmaking or imaginative recycling So share a few photo or two of the littel self sufficient things you do round you home and garden.:D