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  1. breff

    BCB Firedragon gel tablets and stove

    1. 10 fuel packs. The Cumbrian p 2. pauljm116 10xfuel 1xstove 3. Grotzilla 10xfuel 1x stove 4. The Lord Poncho - 6x Fuel packs, 1x stove 5. garyc - 10x Fuel packs, 1x Stove 6. ScottE - 10 x Fuel Packs, 1 x Stove 7. bob_the_baker - 10 x fuel Packs 8. Scoman - 10 x fuel packs 9. Tim_B - 10x fuel...
  2. breff

    Vaude Hogan 2 person tent

    PM sent, again.
  3. breff

    Vaude Hogan 2 person tent

    M'kay. pm on the way.
  4. breff

    Fort williams

    Lovely Photo', I need to try the same sort of thing. Can't fish for food as I'm allergic (In a colourful way) to eating fish! Interested to know the site you're at as I'm within 40 miles of the area and any info' is useful. Enjoy and post.
  5. breff

    Over a month in the Scottish wilderness starting April 16th

    Also subbed, go for it. (Is "Camp Construction" like that builder bloke from the Village People?)
  6. breff

    Dash & Dam

    Looks like a lovely bit of Essex you found there,Bishop... My coat? It's the brown one by the door.
  7. breff

    Overnight with jackals

    Love the Pan Holder idea Nick. Great video,thanks.
  8. breff

    How long could you survive?

    I wouldn't stand a chance! Traumatic brain injuries mean I absolutely Must have a lot of drugs, even a few hours late can knock me down. Water, more brain injury stuff on the Pituitary gland in my brain, means I have Diabetes Insipidus and can't hold water in my body for long. I'd need a...
  9. breff

    Anyone from preston.

    I'm in Lancaster, wrong side of the Pennines I know, trying to educate Pork.
  10. breff

    Galloways Forest

    Lovely video, thanks. I wish I could do knots but I have a "Brane Blokk" with remembering any!
  11. breff

    Various outdoor odds and ends

    Knife and Platypus arrived this morning, all great, thanks.
  12. breff

    Mountain Equipment Dragonfly 2 man tent

    Me again..... I got it wrong. The apologetic call was to say she was sorry that she wouldn't be able to get me the money that I've been expecting for Monday! I'm really sorry for the "In and outs" but I can't take the tent after all. I'm miffed as I wanted it straight off but..... Nothing I...
  13. breff

    Mountain Equipment Dragonfly 2 man tent

    Wheelie, m' good man! I just got an apologetic call and the money will be with me tomorrow so I will take the tent. pm me bank details and I'll sort it tomorrow when banks're open. SHAZBAT! see the next reply.
  14. breff

    Mountain Equipment Dragonfly 2 man tent

    Have to bow out, the funds aren't coming in, buyer changed her mind. Sorry, they're a great tent but I can't afford it now.
  15. breff

    Mountain Equipment Dragonfly 2 man tent

    Cheers Wheelie, let you know a soon as I know.
  16. breff

    Mountain Equipment Dragonfly 2 man tent

    I'm expressing interest but won't have any Wonga until Monday. If you get the chance, Sell it as I might not be able to buy.
  17. breff

    Mountain Equipment Dragonfly 2 man tent

    Does it pitch inner and outer together or separately?
  18. breff

    DD group buy 2017

    Mine was attempted delivery on Wednesday but I was out. Picked it up from th depot today and all is fine. Thanks comrade brother Sandbagski:You_Rock_
  19. breff

    Chuck Berry

    Saw him in the mid 70's. Brilliant and, one day, I might forgive him for "My ding a ling". Rock in Peace Chuck.
  20. breff

    Change a Letter