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  1. Lacijag1

    Bit of a long shot (Bristol)

    hi, Alex and me are planning a meet up this coming sunday (19/01) it might be a short notice but if ur interested to join let us know.
  2. Lacijag1

    Llyn Y Fan Fach

    Those are some pretty impressive cliffs above the lake!
  3. Lacijag1

    Llyn Y Fan Fach

    I am glad u guys all enjoyed the video. It really was a great trip, the place is amazing, really worth to visit it!
  4. Lacijag1

    Llyn Y Fan Fach

    Late october trip to the brecon beacons, to llyn y fan fach lake. we camped at the wildman woods campsite near the lake. it is a farm with a small 5 acres woodland where u can camp. we spent a day there just chilling by the fire and cooking all day:) on the second day we went to a hike from the...
  5. Lacijag1

    Bit of a long shot (Bristol)

    hi i am ok with day camps too, as i said to Alex, even tho i am local i mostly camp in wales and don't really know any local spots suitable for day camping or for over night camping. i am interested in local walks/day hikes or just having a day camp, possibly with some outdoor cooking, lately i...
  6. Lacijag1

    Recommended Campsites

    had a camping trip to wildman wood campsite in the brecon beacons this one is an other decent place, a small farm with a woodland area where u can camp. we were the only ones there when we went (late octrober) but it seems like a busy place during summer. lots of...
  7. Lacijag1

    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    my girls love painting these wooden animals, foxes and badgers these 2 are quiet big but u can make smaller ones as well, they look good as decoration
  8. Lacijag1

    Bit of a long shot (Bristol)

    Ok no probs
  9. Lacijag1

    Bit of a long shot (Bristol)

    I think it's easier if we talk over phone, text or whatsapp, my number is (removed by Toddy for your privacy's sake; probably best to pm details. Good to hear you're both getting out and about though :) )
  10. Lacijag1

    Bit of a long shot (Bristol)

    hi Alex, i am in the area, in portishead, i mostly camp in wales as it is close and offers better spots, i haven't had a camp yet in bristol area and haven't really been around looking for camping spots. i am up for a meet up and a wild camp, let me know, cheers Laz
  11. Lacijag1

    wanted 2 men tent

    i am after a 2 men tent, a coleman cobra 2 or the oex phoxx 2 would be ideal, or something similar. in return i can offer some carving tools. more pic can be sent via email i have a brand new marttiini kiehinen knife...
  12. Lacijag1

    river danube trip

    thanks guys, it was a great trip. first time for my daughter to sleep in a hammock, she really enjoyed it:) we had a great time there!
  13. Lacijag1

    river danube trip

    had a 2 days camping trip with my daughter and a mate in hungary by the river danube. the location was a pretty beautiful area in northern hungary not far from the capital where the river turns southways among the mountains. the weather was hot and dry. we...
  14. Lacijag1

    Newbie in Bristol - any groups/meets?

    New in Bristol (actually south of Bristol) just moved here few weeks ago. Looking to meet up like minded people for day hikes or campings in the area.
  15. Lacijag1

    Wool blanket or synthetic fleece blanket

    I had tried both fleece and wool as well. For me the fleece just works 100 times better than the wool. Mainly because the fleece is lighter and takes less space in the rucksack than the wool blanket. I never was interested in sitting out in the rain with the wool blanket on me, so it really does...
  16. Lacijag1

    Is Karrimor still a Good Option

    I have bought several karrimor products in the past 5 years and i was quiet happy with them. One of the best boots for the money was my karrimor orkney boots was. Lasted me for 3 years! Which is a lot for a £50 boot, and i did put lots of miles in to that boot. Bought 2 karrimor weathertite...
  17. Lacijag1

    Sourcing logs for carving?

    I buy logs sometimes from ebay, just search for birch logs and u will have few options to chose from. Good luck for the kuksa carving!
  18. Lacijag1

    Can we cut branches off of trees?

    what i do is probably not allowed by law but ok by nature. if i find a freshly fallen tree, usually after storms i cut a branch off from it. but that is just me when i am lucky. i often buy fire logs, from diy stores or order some from ebay when i find a good deal...
  19. Lacijag1

    Feather sticks.

    I don't mind them either, i use birch bark all the time. What i meant was some of those feather stick experts couldn't start a fire with their feather sticks without a help of other kindling material.
  20. Lacijag1

    Feather sticks.

    is it prepared mind 101? the feather sticks that i see often on yt videos are usually not thin enough to catch a spark from a fire steel, they need hep with a birch bark or a cotton ball.