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  1. Smith28

    Maxpedition Sale - Everything sold

    Well I'm trying to get some funds together as my cambelt has just killed my car..... :puppy_dog SO, I'm clearing out some Maxpedition gear. Most was gifts and not used at all and as anyone who knows Maxpedition gear, it is all still AS NEW. Hopefully I've taken enough photos to demonstrate...
  2. Smith28

    Fjallraven Barents trousers - £25 posted

    Hi bcers, I never wear these anymore and they just sit in my wardrobe taking up space. I have no idea what they go for in classifieds but they are about £100 new so I was thinking £25 posted? They are still in great shape, you can see the only little nick on the pocket in the pics...
  3. Smith28

    Lidl folding saw - £2.99

    Just a heads up. Can't go wrong, seems quite robust, cuts on push and pull, 180mm blade length, hard rubberised handle, locks as securely as my laplander. Also locks when closing just before it hits your fingers, quite a nice touch. Yellow/grey colouration. Also got some bypass loppers for...
  4. Smith28

    Zebra Billy too small..?

    Evening. So I'm looking for a cooking pot similar to Zebra's billy cans but something around the 5L mark. Does anyone have any suggestions? It needs to cook up evening stews and casseroles for 4 large, hungry men. I don't think the Zebra billy 16cm (3.5) would be big enough, but then again do...
  5. Smith28

    Looking for a camera pouch

    So, I'm trying to find a camera pouch the right size to fit the following in: The pouch on the left is the one that comes with my camera (Sony DSC-HX9V) and I must say, it fits PERFECTLY. But I want to be able to fit an Altoids tin behind the camera and have come up with nothing. Important...
  6. Smith28

    Fatwood experience

    So I used fatwood as an accelerant the other day when making a cuppa. I've always used cotton wool to start stoves really, but thought I'd try it since I'd found some really fatty pine from a fallen tree on my local forest. I did however have a slight problem with it.. almost as soon as I put...
  7. Smith28


    Just wanted to post my experience with the guys and gals at Backpackinglight. Bad retailers get the spotlight all the time, but it's less often that the goodens get any. I ordered a Pocket Stove and trivet (all British made) from them recently and it was sent to me quicker than a doped athlete...
  8. Smith28

    Heads up - waist pack on HH

    Saw this on clearance at Heinnies, quite a nice price reduction.. Haven't really got the funds at the moment but I thought someone here might benefit. :)
  9. Smith28

    Iso Propyl Alcohol storage question

    So I've just got a litre of 99% pure alcohol and have been storing it in my house for a couple of days. After some thinking I've become a bit on edge thinking that it's inside my house. Can anyone tell me.. how volatile is this stuff? Is it safe to store in doors? Is there no worry as long as...
  10. Smith28

    London to Brighton bike ride

  11. Smith28

    Weeping Birch advice

    Does anyone know what I can do about a weeping birch? I obviously waited too long to remove a branch and now it is weeping - about a couple of drops every few seconds. I have read that it's ok and I just have to wait until further into the Spring and it will be ok. Is that true? Help!
  12. Smith28

    Looking for a small locking carabiner

    Simple question really, does anyone have or know of small carabiners that either have a twist lock or some kind of auto lock. I want to stay away from screw locks because of the time consumption of un-screwing, opening, re-screwing to lock. I recently got myself a Rock Exotica RockO autolock...
  13. Smith28

    Free £5 on ebay

    Saw this on British Blades and thought I'd pass it on here. Hope it's not against the rules. Free £5 voucher on ebay - doesn't cover postage. Use it quick, only 50,000 in total. Got myself some wet wipes £4.95 -> £0 :1244: Edit -...
  14. Smith28

    Flasks flasks FLASKS!

    Well I've been looking into thermal flasks on the smaller side for a while and come up with a shortlist, but at this point they all seem pretty equal for their respective sizes. The parameters I'm basing my choice on are height and insulation First of all I wanted to ask, does anyone - a)...
  15. Smith28

    Heads up - Red Oxx

    - - - - - -
  16. Smith28

    Heads up - Folding saw SOG folding saw £13. Anyone ever used one? Looks like a nice piece of kit but a bit reluctant to spend on one when I'm happy with my Laplander. Also, just a pull cut, whereas the laplander cuts on both strokes. Anyone have any experience?
  17. Smith28

    Going to the Cotswolds

    Well, I received a phone call from my father today saying that because of whatever I am going be taken on holiday to the Cotswolds by him with my 2 little brothers (11 & 13 years old). Apparently we have a cottage for a week and we'll be taking my little brothers 2 dogs. I figure this is the...
  18. Smith28

    Magnum Outdoor Cuisine

  19. Smith28

    Snugpak Response Pak alternative

    So I've been using the Snugpak Response Pak as a day pack for a while and am getting a bit tired of the beyond awful construction and overall quality of it. The stitching is falling out all over the place. I've searched down two other alternatives and want to switch, one by highlander and one...
  20. Smith28

    Heads up

    £10 fleece from Craghoppers. I think I get sent an email every half hour about their new "sale", but I actually bothered to have a browse of this one. Looks to be a nice, simple fleece. Full zip. Drawcords at the bottom and...