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    Stainless kettle to FIT the trangia 25

    OK I wonder if anyone can help? Trangia make a perfectly good ali kettle for this but for the last year i have had a hankering for a stainless one. Searching for an answer online gives a multitude of possibilities. Kettles that fit in the storage position but no mention in the cooking position...
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    Millbank Bags

    Hi, could any of you knowledgable types please put me in touch with a current supplier of millbank bags. I don't seem to be able to find any for sale. Dave.
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    Zebra into MaxP?

    Hi all, does anybody know whether the Zebra 12cm billy fits into the MaxP 12x5 bottle holder? If it does fit, is it a tight fit or reasonably easy to get in and out? Thanks. Dave.
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    Britkitdirect, any good?

    Hi, anybody got first hand experience of, 1. Dealing with the company, good or bad and why? 2. The xr40 pack, quality, does it stand the test of time? Tried searching but didnt answer my Q,s Thanks. Dave.
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    Hello all.

    Hi, I'm Dave from North Oxon. I have been avidly reading the forum for over a week before this, my first post. What a wealth of knowledge and experience! I love nature, the outdoors and exploring, camping, kit that works (for me). I tend to lean towards lightweight gear but I fear that is only...