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  1. zarkwon

    Dartmoor Winter Meet

    That's my usual route into the moor as I like to park my car there. Sounds like a good laugh. If I can get the weekend off I'd love to join you all.
  2. zarkwon

    Swanndri rover/mosgeil

    No, I bought it from new so know not been washed but I would get the old Nikwax out if it's performance dropped off. I remember reading someone on here saying they had done so to an old one. Windproofing isn't amazing sure but better than my bushshirt. I don't mind this though as it's my forest...
  3. zarkwon

    Swanndri rover/mosgeil

    My Mosgeil zip up is about 8 years old and still like new. Lovely and warm, spark safe, noiseless, hradwearing and surprisingly good in the rain. Not sure where it was made back then but I'm not getting rid of it ever.
  4. zarkwon

    Binocular upgrade advise please!

    +1 for Opticron Discovery
  5. zarkwon

    kydex neck sheath

    2nd dibs if this falls through.
  6. zarkwon

    Planting with the Moon Phases

    Glad to hear you accepting new information into your hypothesis. I know I said it could be extra moonlight a couple of posts ago (now you like my thinking eh?:)) but it was just an example of a possible alternative way to account for your observations. Another is bias. Your observations will be...
  7. zarkwon

    Planting with the Moon Phases

    Not keen on science or reading? I'm beginning to see where the thinking is going astray. I didn't realise Moon Phase Planting was your idea? I thought it went back to Aristotle and his 'Elements' and 'contrary properties'. "Now the rise and fall effect that is created by the moon, or sun and...
  8. zarkwon

    Planting with the Moon Phases

    Ramen brother.
  9. zarkwon

    Planting with the Moon Phases

    You did talk about tidal strength. Let me draw your attention to this bit of nonsense:- "You will find that they are ready mainly when the moon is in the ascent. Its the gravitational pull drawing the energy/moisture up through the plant that forces them to ripen. The energy is directed up...
  10. zarkwon

    Planting with the Moon Phases

    What do the plants respond to? You now seem to be moving the goalposts to say that the plants are responding to tidal changes outside of themselves (in the earth's seas and oceans) rather than the moon directly causing tidal changes inside the plants capillary system as you said before? How do...
  11. zarkwon

    Planting with the Moon Phases

    I've never seen you take contrary evidence without attempting to co-opt it into your pseudoscientific view HillBill. The article mrcharlie posted does not say, basically what you were saying. There is no way the gravitational effect of the moon can have the described effects on water in plants...
  12. zarkwon

    Which boots??

    +1 for Lowa combats. My Hanwags are good too.
  13. zarkwon

    Bicycles - what do you have?

    Thanks mate.
  14. zarkwon


    They are my first stop when I'm after something. Excellent service, site and products. Good info on podcasts and you tube too!
  15. zarkwon

    Bicycles - what do you have?

    My bikes. One a Specialized Hardrock the other a bike my brother built for my birthday. It's an F.W. Evans Tourer de luxe from the 1980's.
  16. zarkwon

    Dry bags or rucksack liner help?

    Assuming you're not going to be wading through rivers or crossing streams that sounds fine. In hiking, as in ghostbusters, crossing the streams can be dangerous and if you end up on your back you'll be glad the pack was there to break your fall right up until the moment you remember you skimped...
  17. zarkwon

    How to keep warm in a hammock?

    Not if you carry a patch.
  18. zarkwon

    How to keep warm in a hammock?

    I find my thermarest does me just fine for 3 season use. It is more versatile as it forms the spine of my pack and I can use it on the ground if needs be. Make sure you let out enough air for it to conform to your body shape. It'll require more deflation than you expect.
  19. zarkwon

    ladys and gentleman its time for the

    Nope. Not me.
  20. zarkwon

    Synthetic Sleeping Bag - advice please

    I use a Nanok from Uncle Ray's site. Excellent!