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  1. Nativewood

    Thoughts on Removing Wood from Woodland

    Oh, oh, I think I might be a dirty rotten wood poacher! Back in 2009 at Loch Ken in SW Scotland, my old dog presented me with a stick and I made a spoon from it. Keep an eye on the court announcements, chaps...
  2. Nativewood

    Buckskin pouch

    Lovely work! I look forward to seeing more in the coming weeks, months, etc...
  3. Nativewood

    Paramo - checked them out and can't decide if good or not.

    Don't know much about Paramo but given the construction of my Dad's jacket/coat, I'd rather have my Fortis anyday.
  4. Nativewood

    Cleaning blades

    Scratches like that I'd try 1200 first then go up to 2500 then polish.
  5. Nativewood

    Another woodcarving

    Fantastic, something I need to try. I have Kirschen chip carving knife that has lain idle for far too long. Out of curiousity, just how long have you been making these and how did you learn? Really superb work!
  6. Nativewood

    Cleaning blades

    Peek polish is good but not as abrasive as Autosol. How manky are they? I've polished a few old brass Primus-type stoves with 50 years + of black guff on them and nothing but major, repeated elbow grease with Autosol but then that's brass so it really depends on how dirty gurty yon SAKs are...
  7. Nativewood

    good axe

    Grab an old English Kent pattern and pop a new handle on if it needs it. I've done quite a few now and none have ever let me down. Regrinding can be done by hand with files before moving onto wet and dry.
  8. Nativewood

    MORA laminated steel with Antler and stacked leather handle

    Hope you get the image issue sorted as leather plus antler sounds great to me.
  9. Nativewood

    Some post cold holiday projects.

    All looks great, John. Just watch the centre of that wood for splits/shakes.
  10. Nativewood

    stropping compound question

    I remember a 'one-knife-for-all' style challenge on here a looong time ago. It involved @British Red and another fella whose name I think was Jonny. BR had his utterly gorgeous Precision Field Knife and Jonny a Fallkniven F1. Both chaps are clearly very skilled knife users and all was pretty...
  11. Nativewood

    Woods Folk Spoon

    Couldn't agree more. In the beginning, I was all-the-way Mr Creative super underpants with poncy, fancy ideas that half the time looked shite and the other half didn't do their job properly. Give me function every time.
  12. Nativewood

    Woods Folk Spoon

    Love it! You're such a talented all-rounder. :)
  13. Nativewood

    Handle project

    I have a nice antler crown which I am making into a walking stick handle. Thus far I have carved and rasped out the vast majority of the seemingly very week porous inner and intend filling it with epoxy putty to strengthen.
  14. Nativewood

    Knife breakage

    Nice job on the Mora and even better that it's still doing hard service now.
  15. Nativewood

    Christmas Carving Capers

    Great job there, Gary. Gotta love some Christmas cheer!
  16. Nativewood

    Leather Key Fobs

    I like those and it's a great idea for a Christmas cracker. Well done indeed!
  17. Nativewood

    Song of the Paddle forum.....

    A great place which, 12 years ago, was my first foray into the co-operative world of outdoors-related fora, in fact my first experience of any sort of internet forum. In addition to helping realise the childhood dream of getting out onto and exploring the water in whatever guise (being an avid...
  18. Nativewood

    Leather haversack

    Love it John, I wish my leatherwork skills were up to the task. Top job!
  19. Nativewood

    Let's See Your R.J. Evans Knives

    Older thread but still this year at least. Deserves a revival for all the lovely shiny on show!
  20. Nativewood

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 Winning Photograph

    'Tis a peach of a photo and stunning scenery. Well done indeed!