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  1. andythecelt

    MOD beef in gravy retort pouches, and drink sachets.

    Just a quick heads up. Approved foods are selling a couple of things that people might be interested in. They have MOD 2Kg pouches of minced beef in gravy, looks like they come from a 10 man rat pack or similar. £3.99 a pack and good til November but limited to max 5 per customer. Not great for...
  2. andythecelt

    Titanium honey stove now available.

    I know a lot of people have expressed interest in the new BPL ti honey stove, well it's now on sale. I've already ordered mine! From reading the blurb it looks like they'll be offering a hive expansion set at some point too which will be nice.
  3. andythecelt

    Alpkit recommendation.

    I have no connection to the company other than being a satisfied customer but Alpkit has consistently impressed me with their level of customer service since I started ordering things from them a few months ago. I'd read on here that their tarp was good so when I went to order one I saw how...
  4. andythecelt

    Norwegian cool boxes

    Just a quick head's up. I know a lot of people rave about these, and there's a seller on ebay at the moment with over 10 of them. I don't know anything about the seller, I've just ordered...
  5. andythecelt

    Heads up, cheap canvas patrol tents.

    canvastentshop are having an end of summer sale including some deals on refurbished patrol tent. They even have an "Ex-army Canvas Ridge Tent Dated 1945 Lots of Patches" for £100! If I'd not just bought a new teepee I'd have had it for storage myself...
  6. andythecelt

    Legless dutch oven?

    Does anyone happen to know a source for dutch ovens without legs? I bookmarked a firm that sold them donkeys ago but I can't find them now. Ta in advance!
  7. andythecelt

    Bushcraft Magazine in trouble?

    The magazine's usefulness is marginal at best but I subscribed to keep the kids interested. Last November I renewed my subscription and haven't heard a thing since. I've emailed repeatedly and tried phoning but every time I go through their automated system I either get connected to a fax line...
  8. andythecelt

    Bear Moonlighting?

    Is it just me that finds the likeness uncanny?
  9. andythecelt

    Reason to grow a beard #184.

    I love my beard. I'd feel naked without it. However on an overnighter in the recent snow it came in handy in a way I couldn't have predicted. I'd set up a camp planning on having a nice large open fire in front of my tarp but with night setting in quickly I decided it was time to use a lighter...
  10. andythecelt

    RVOps service

    I don't generally go out of my way to comment on service unless it's bad enough to make my blood boil but my experience of dealing with RVOps has been excellent. I've messaged them at least four times over the last 6 months regarding stock delivery dates and they've always got back to me within...
  11. andythecelt

    Hello from the Peak District

    I suppose I've lurked around long enough. I've been messing around in the woods since I was a kid, back then all we had was Lofty's book and SWAT magazine. These days with better kit I can stay out longer and travel further but to be honest the appeal hasn't changed. That's about it really, who...