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    log cabin material

    That's who I was going to suggest. It will mostly be sitka or norway spruce. They have/had some larch and hemlock too. Where in N wales are you?
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    There's usually plenty of this sort of stuff on fleabay. I got some good intalian alloys snaps fo a couple of quid. as long as you don't climb with them or apply high shock loadiongs, they'll be perfectly ok for hammocking.. no need spending many £££'s
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    Hex3 or Acto

    I love my hex 3 echo all of the above about it. lack of porch? rig a tarp condensation? none yet. There have been comments regarding hex 3's and their ilk being a bit chilly in cold climes since the inner is netting so does'nt cut down on drafts, but I've never had a problem. packs...
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    down sleeping bag

    as per the other thread: for a little more you can get an Alpkit bag which is about the best around for that money, given very good reviews wherever you look - great aftersales and free delivery. No brainer really.
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    OhVee sleeping bags

    Yes but for a little more you can get an Alpkit bag which is about the best around for that money, given very good reviews wherever you look - great aftersales and free delivery. No brainer really.
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    Alpkit 30ltr 'Stealthy' Gourdon review.

    I'll just endorse the review. I bought an Alpkit stealth 30l and also think it's the bd's for the money.
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    Heads up - Alpkit price drop

    the 400 is really warm and toasty for a summerweight bag - roomy too. If you sleep hot like me I reckon it will do right down to around 0* and more with a silk liner. It's quite roomy too - I'm not tall but am barrel shaped :) and I found it well comfy. At £45 it's a steal- you won't find...
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    What watch is on your wrist / What timepiece do you use?

    I still wear my late dad's vintage [1967] Rolex GMT Master even though it badly needs a service I suppose I'm used to the weight and anything else feels instubstantial.
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    Over the counter first aid kit.

    One of the best FAK I ever bought over the counter was the walkers kit from.......LIDL!... for the money £4.50 you got a lot of stuff that was useful for a hiker [the car kit on the other hand is bigger and has lots of wadding for severe trauma!] it comes in a ziplock in it's own pouch...
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    Some Hex 3 questions...

    yup, if you can get hold of a hot knife to cut and seal in one go that's great. Otherwise using a straight edge and a soldering iron works too.
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    Some Hex 3 questions...

    How about cutting it to shape? or better still, just cut a bit of polythene sheet if you really think you need a footprint
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    Some Hex 3 questions...

    a cord and cordlok arrangement to pull the vent cowl down works quite well
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    1 man tent recommendations

    the new 'orange' tigerpaws at Argos is coming down in price.... not tried it myself but the original one was considered to be a lot of tent for little dosh...
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    Alpkit heads up are doing a summer special at the mo: A down bag + kipmat + titanium eating tools + headtorch + ally clipits - all for £100... the down bag is a summer weight, but is toasty warm and if you are a hot sleeper I reckon it will extend into the Autumn and late spring too... add a...
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    Alpkit Gourdon 30

    I picked up the black stealth 30L last week. Great piece of kit, and a slightly different material [taslan] makes it more able to deal with prickly stuff - a barbed wire fence in my case. OK - no window but I did'nt care for that anyway - just one more thing to go wrong. The matte black colour...
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    What does the Hex 3 Pole Extension look like...

    That's it. It's not meant to go on the sprung pole, but on a hiking pole, ski stick or whatever, so that you can leave the rather hefty standard pole at home.
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    Some Hex 3 questions...

    I love my hex 3 too! re the upper vents: some have just attached a short length of cord from the outer edge, through a grommet and held by cord lok inside. If you need to close up then you just slide the cordlok along. Never had that problem though, but I've never been out in the hex in...
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    Can you name this wood please?

    Can't be 100% but it looks a bit like wild plum to me. That end grain looks remarkably similar to a piece of timber from a bullens I felled last autumn, as does the bark and the way the longitudinal split shows up.
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    canoe expedition symposium

    Just a Big Up for the guys from Bison who probably had the most oversubscribed workshops at the recent symposium at Plas y Brenin. Their evening 'how to properly sharpen a knife' had around 60 peeps squashed into a small room - just to watch a man sharpenning a knife! The greater part of...
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    Alpkit Sleeping Bags, any good etc ?

    lets just say you don't see much Alpkit stuff coming up on ebay :)