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    Sensory Stories - Spreading the word

    Not particularly bushy but I know a few people on here work with SEN Kids and many of you may have exposure to similar issues. A dear friend of mine is working on a project to develop a number of "Sensory Stories" and has set up a kickstarter project to fund it...
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    Shangri La 5 owners

    anyone here use a shangri la 5 tent? I'm particular attracted by the weight and standing height.
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    UK legal multitool

    As a Scouter I find it useful to "Be Prepared" to this end I'd like to keep a multitool on my person for the myriad of jobs I find them useful for, I've got a Gerber Suspension, which despite a couple of negative reviews, I think is a brilliant tool, really nice sprung pliers, the blade takes a...
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    srook/hook knives - advise me

    I'm looking to get myself a knife for carving spoons and the like, and Mora have three different blades, I wonder if someone could advise which is better at what?!? frost 162 frost 163 frost 164 thanks
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    please school me on crooked knives...

    hello all, I'd love to start to up my whittling by adding a crooked knife but I have some questions.... first up - Hook knife or crooked knife, same thing? - Is it pronounced Crook-id with 2 sylables or crookd with 1 sylable -Mora seem to make 3 different knives: bottom of this...
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    World Jamboree 2011 - Sweden

    so anyone going? I applied for the "International Service Team" but didn't get a place :-( but was emailed last week, they've got some more places to fill so off for a selection weekend soon, so the dream lives on!!
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    headlights for 4 eyed folk

    hi all, as a Scouter, I spend a lot of camping and would never go away without a trusty head torch. I used to rock an old school petzl...
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    Wanted - tiny amount of kydex

    like the title says, I'm looking for a relatively little bit of kydex, about an inch and a half wide by 4-5 inches long! Obviously too tiny amount to make it worth buying a sheet but I wonder if any of you blade makers might have a bit left over. I use an energiser 6 LED head torch which...
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    Hiking rucsacs - "breathable"

    hi bushies, I do a lot of hiking htese days with my scouts and am looking to get a new bag. I need something with a nice breathable back and the new freeflow from berghaus range looks pretty good, with a tensioned mesh keeping a good size gap between your back and the bag. They're not cheap...
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    Some cool Videos - knife making

    I think its an amazing process what you knife makers do, I found some cool videos about a guy in Brooklyn and thought I'd sahre. does...
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    what kind of leather do I need - and dye?

    Hi guys, I've been through the forums and found the lepreovo website for my leather supplies, but there are so many different kinds!! I'm looking to buy a sheet of leather to make scout woggles which I will laser cut and brand. I'm looking for a fairly light colour,a few mm thick. the...