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  1. falcon

    The Bushcraft Journal?

    It’s been around a few years now and is a fine magazine. After launching by subscription if then became free for a while but now requires a reasonable subscription. There are some high quality contributors and a wide range of topics are covered. I’ve been happy to subscribe all along and it’s...
  2. falcon

    Bowdrill with modified mora black

    Nice one Rob
  3. falcon

    Wilderness gathering 2019

    Every year it’s a favourite for me. If you need to resupply it’s only about four miles down the country lanes to Mere...
  4. falcon

    Let's See Your R.J. Evans Knives

    While I’m fortunate to own both Bison and Orford knives I felt I needed a Rob Evans Bushtool. As you can see I settled on one...then another. They both see plenty of use, are robust with excellent fit and finish with very durable edges. The walnut handled one is unground (by request) and the one...
  5. falcon

    I have a YouTube channel.

    Yup subscribed too....always enjoy seeing the skills that the Welsh Boys have on show..
  6. falcon

    Sold Kephart style knives

    Wow they look damn nice. I would expect they are of the same quality as Rob’s Bushtools where the grind, fit and finish are top drawer..
  7. falcon

    Jack Hargreaves

    There's a lovely group on Facebook run by his stepson, Simon Baddeley...
  8. falcon

    Johnny Crockett's Survival School

    My first course in 2003 was with Survival School...Johnny’s a genuine guy who I catch up with at the Gathering each year. He’s still going due to the quality he delivers on his courses...I’m sure you’ll have a great experience
  9. falcon

    Willow Bast

    What a great day all round
  10. falcon

    Favourite YouTuber/s

    Most of those listed but particularly Greencraft, Joe Robinet and a relatively recent one Simon - a Bloke in the Woods who I think you would enjoy
  11. falcon

    Group Cooking Set-Up

    Nice one Neil
  12. falcon

    For Sale Rob Evans bushtool

    That was a bargain...
  13. falcon

    For Sale Rob Evans bushtool

    Fabulous knife...highly recommended
  14. falcon

    Make someone happy.....

    Top stuff as ever Neil
  15. falcon

    Mors and Ray.

    Have a look on Karamat Wilderness Ways channel on YouTube and there's a film called Vintage Ray Mears. It was filmed at an international conference in 1995 organised by Lars Falt. There's other film of Mors Kochanski at the same conference and other international experts so they were definitely...
  16. falcon

    Mors and Ray.

    There's a Mors film on YouTube from way back in which Ray is military in Scandinavia. Sorry this is vague...I'll go and search and report back if I can find it
  17. falcon

    I owe the forum an explanation.

    Good luck to you fact to both Marks ! :)
  18. falcon

    wanted skookum bush tool

    Rob Evans could make you a beauty......