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    Alpkit heads up are doing a summer special at the mo: A down bag + kipmat + titanium eating tools + headtorch + ally clipits - all for £100... the down bag is a summer weight, but is toasty warm and if you are a hot sleeper I reckon it will extend into the Autumn and late spring too... add a...
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    canoe expedition symposium

    Just a Big Up for the guys from Bison who probably had the most oversubscribed workshops at the recent symposium at Plas y Brenin. Their evening 'how to properly sharpen a knife' had around 60 peeps squashed into a small room - just to watch a man sharpenning a knife! The greater part of...
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    an Aside: science fiction and bushcraft

    Ok, maybe a tenuous link, but one of my favourite SF authors is Kim Stanley Robinson, who wrote several novels dealing with environmental change and how man adapts to these. This is what Wikipedia says: the interesting bit is down in the...
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    get the full RM sampling experience here!
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    castaway - appalling

    Given the relative dearth of decent progs on TV last night, and me laid up with the remains of a dose of flu, I thought I'd give Castaway a look in, hoping it would follow a similar format to the Taransay experience of a few years back. But no, what we got was *Big Brother on an Island* with...
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    fat aeric and some ideas

    wow... what can I say. ordered at 4pm from Alpkit, was with me at 8.30 the next morning. It's big, way bigger than any other sleeping mat I ever had, and thick and wide and long. Did I say it was big? It's quite heavy too, so not for you ultralight packers out there. It has...
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    currently on ebay - lavvu

    currently on ebay - buy it now at 340£ usual disclaimer, not connected etc etc
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    berry collector

    was impressed by Mr Mears berry collector last night. Having spent years squashing sundry staining fruits over my digits, I would'nt mind one of these. Anybody know where they can be obtained?
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    fjallraven okstindan tent

    having a little clearout... my old fjallraven tent for starters: 160 x 200cms . 120 high at front 70cms at back 1.9 kg.. here's a photo I took. hastily erected just before the next batch of wind and rain arrived it's old and probably needs reproofing. open to any offers.
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    It's going to be a bumper year for mushroooms... at least round here. Ceps aplenty and loads of field mushies. Usual caveats apply: don't pick unless you have a 100% ID, don't pick em all, take only what you need. good little recipie: Ceps [boletus] cut the stems longways into thin...
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    cooking in the danger zone

    anyone catch this on BBC 4 last night... chef/cook heads out to Afghanistan to sample the local grub. Quite interesting in way especially the bbq sheeps testicles :D [not] Had to laugh at the army rations though, the locals canteen grub looked much more interesting than the US Marines MRE...
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    slingshot /catapult guy tensioners

    been meaning to post this for a while now. I originally developed the idea after either having to get up to re-tension slack guys or getting a busted lip when the bungees gave way. I posted it on Sgt Rocks website, where the JRB guys filched it from Sling Shot Tarp Tensioner...
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    Planet Earth... Aunty Beeb does it again

    Just watched the latest David Attenborough documentary on BBC 1....... Superb. Some of the aerial shots were staggeringly beautiful....wild dogs hunting in the kalahari, and a Canadian wolf running down a caribou...... wonderful, and not a Titchmarsh in sight! It's on again next Saturday BBC2...
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    found on ebay of those folding saws: I bought one. there's a couple left. [usual disclaimer - no conection with seller etc] edited because the link just...
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    helo 'na o Gymru

    helo 'na o Gymru or 'Hello from Wales'..... not a bushcrafter in any sense of the word, but like to 'pass through the landscape' with the minimum of impact. Liked lightweight hiking until my knees gave out so am switching to open canoeing to stay mobile. still sail a lot, both...