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    Hill people gear Umlindi

    Evening I have an umlindi,khaki\ranger for sale had little use-will try and post pics tomorrow. Looking £175 if interested Pm me Thanks Torak
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    Luxe Mini Peak II

    Folks As above, bought this from a member on here back in January-had never been used and I used it for one night. Just not big enough for my needs and I'm just looking to recoup what I paid-£75 all in. Thanks Torak
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    British Army self inflating sleep mats

    If anyone has one or two of the above that they want to sell could you drop me a PM. Thanks Torak
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    Mini Peak II

    Evening Has anyone any experience of the Luxe Min PeakII- ? What do you think, looks good value for money. Thanks Torak
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    Catapult and hobo handline

    Hobo hand line and Fish Hunter Catapult for sale both unused-the band came off the catapult on first pull and would be easily fixed-looking £25 for both. Thanks for looking Torak
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    Danner Boots

    Pair of size 9 Danner boots-lots of wear left in them. £75 all in-paypal and recorded delivery. Torak
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    Sog seal pup

    This has never been used, only difference between this and a new one is no box!! Looking £45
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    Hobo Hunting/Fishing Kit

    Hobo hand line and Fish Hunter Catapult for sale both unused-the band cam off the catapult on first pull and would be easily fixed-looking £23 for both. Thanks for looking Torak
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    Katadyn pocket micro filter

    Folks I have one of the above for sale-never used still in the box. This is the info from the Katadyn site I'm asking £198 for this all in, would also...
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    Crusader Cookset and metal lid

    Folks Never used-pouch, osprey water bottle,BCB metal mug and crusader cooker and metal lid-looking £30 all in. Found the black mug,same as rest not used-will include it in the sale Thanks Torak
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    Kit Clear out

    Folks Having a bit of a clear out,if you are interested in anything send me a PM and I'll forward picture and do my best to answer any questions. Prices include PP and postage-within UK and ROI. SOG Seal Pup-never used. Buyer must be over 18. £40 DPM wind proof-190/120. £20. Swedish...
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    Wanted-casio g shock watch

    Morning Has anyone got a Casio G shock for trade? Looking one in new or good condition have following to trade- SOG Seal Pup-never used. Must be 18 or over to swap this one. Tilley lamp-working. DPM wind proof-size massive (can get size if needed). Swedish army winter smock,dyed...
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    Evernew 500ml mug or Alpkit Mytimug

    As above if anyone has one they want to sell give me a shout. Also willing to trade. Thanks Torak
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    Royal Mail Restricted Items-Tomahawk

    Folks I tried to post a tomahawk today via Royal Mail special delivery only to be told they wouldn't send it as its a prohibited item:confused:. Like most people on here I have received at least a few knives/axes/hawks through the post but never tried to post any. I am at a bit of a lose...
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    Lee Reeves Tomahawk

    Folks Previously up for trade all details on this thread Looking £135 all in including special delivery. Payment by Paypal, over 18 only and postage only within UK. Thanks for looking Torak
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    Lee Reeves Tomahawk

    Folks I have a Lee Reeves Tomahawk for trade Bought it off British Red-and is same condition as above as I have never used it-afraid of damaging it! Can send a more recentpicture if needed. I am after a Golite Hex or Shangri...
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    Wild live

    Evening Does anyone if the Wild Live Bushcraft school is still going? Tried contacting with no reply Thanks T
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    Stove Site

    Came across this site, some people might be interested. T.
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    Markill Aquarius 2.5 lt system

    I have one of the above for swap, still in package, never been used. Would like a stainless steel crusader mug. If you want to see a picture let me know and I'll see if my techncal ability will stretch. Thanks. T
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    Wenger Soldier Lighter Hello, I have a brand new lighter to trade, stil in box, unwanted gift.If you want to see pics of the actual item I will post. Open to offers but would really like a good tarp, or folding camp grill. Thanks guys...