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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    Cleared mate. Send me your address and I'll get them in the post today. Duncan
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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    Hi Outdoordude, Sorry, but I have it on good authority that you're not yet over 18. Therefore, I can't, in good conscience, sell you the knives. Hope you understand. If my information is incorrect, then I'd be happy for you to reasure me beyond doubt and continue.
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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    Cowboy, it's yours! PM me with postal address and I'll let you have my PayPal address (unless you want to do a bank transfer?)
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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    Hi Steve, They're yours. PM me your address and PayPal me the funds and I'll try to get them in the post to you tomorrow. Duncan
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    Zippo spares - Free to a good home

    These are going free (just collect or pay postage) 4 x Spare flints 1 x Spare Wick £1 P&P Thanks Duncan
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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    You can one or all of these..... (Coin is there just for scale) One or all for £1 P&P Thanks Duncan
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    Another Free to a good home...

    Also free to a good home (just collect of pay the postage).... I should be able to post for about £3 Thanks Duncan
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    Another Free to a good home...

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    Free to a good home (just pay postage)

    These need to go so, not asking for any money, just cover postage costs or come and collect: 2 X Machette / Parang 1 x Set of throwing Knives (CD case just for scale) I guess the larger two may cost £10 each to post, the other I should be able to do for about £3. We can exchange...
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    Bits and Bobs for not much at all

    Can I please put dibs on the AA Phone Charger? Plus, any chance of a picture of the MTB SPD pedals, just to see how 'well used' they are? Cheers Duncan
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    Wool Blankets

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I was a bit dubious about the 'Fibre Blend' with Wool aspect of the Witney. Maybe I won't use it too close to the fire. Or, maybe I should try putting a match to a small corner of it and see what happens? I've got a few of these. More than I can use. So, if...
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    Wool Blankets

    Does anyone know if blankets, with these labels on, are any good? Or know anything else about them? [/IMG] [/IMG] Thanks in advance, Duncan
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    shotgun cartridge whistle.

    Nice idea. I like it.
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    24HR Ration Packs

    I've got some I could let you have for cheaper than the first link. Not sure of the date on mine, but I don't have a problem eating them. As the link says, they're godd for 7-10 years from package date. Duncan
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    Diy uq?

    I'm not the man for tips, I'm afraid. But I do have an old Down Sleeping bag that I could let you have for less than the cost of the pillow! Duncan
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    Canvas 5 man ridge tent

    I could probably get hold of something like this.. If you're interested, send me a PM. Duncan