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  1. unorthadox

    anyone from the brockwell woods meet fancy a reunion?

    as soon as we hit the scottish border, we can go just about anywhere, otherwise the only other decent place i know of is kielder
  2. unorthadox

    anyone from the brockwell woods meet fancy a reunion?

    now summer is approaching i've been looking for any meetups but there doesn't seem to be any soon. The brockwell woods meet in march was a good laugh does anyone fancy another session, prehaps for two nights this time? or prehaps somewhere near the border of scotland? (its only another hours...
  3. unorthadox

    lofty wisman @ trueways

    prehaps the shop isnt doing so well, or maybe they need to downsize staff to make ends meet
  4. unorthadox

    April 15th - 17th Meet

    looks like its a no go, we havent found a suitable coastal spot yet and its gona be pretty short notice even if we do now.. hopefully find one in the next month or two
  5. unorthadox

    Brockwell Woods Meet - March 2011

    You were an active thesaurus during most of the day, notably caramalised :D
  6. unorthadox

    March Brockwell meet 19/20

    had a look at go outdoors before, they sell climbing rope by the metre at reasonable prices so im gona pay a visit tomoro
  7. unorthadox

    March Brockwell meet 19/20

    awesome, ill look forward to seeing some demos :), im gona have a browse online tonite and see if i can find something to pick up tomoro, im busy all friday
  8. unorthadox

    Playlist for a Rocker's Wedding.

    Wheels of Steel - Saxon. TNT - AC/DC Iron Maiden --Bring your daughter to the slaughter Creedence clearwater revival--Fortunate son Ted nugent--Flesh and blood Billy Idol - White Wedding Ace of spades - Motorhead You could be mine - Guns'n'Roses Bed of roses - Bon Jovi (nice slow...
  9. unorthadox

    March Brockwell meet 19/20

    after over a month of waiting, my hammock came today :), hopefully ill have time to get some decent rope before the weekend
  10. unorthadox

    March Brockwell meet 19/20

    debating on whether to bring a webbing set (belt, yoke, pouches etc) or whether to jsut use the many pockets i have, any opinions what people prefer? the many items on the belt or the many pockets approach?
  11. unorthadox

    Need Help With Birthday Adventure Dilemma

    prehaps you could make it into a fundraising event, that shud inspire you to keep at it and hopefully put some sense into your friend, it's only scotland, not the arctic circle. If you're raising money for something like help the heros, it might put it into perspective that a couple of rough...
  12. unorthadox

    suggestion, geocaching

    well for the majority of bushcrafters, there are maybe a few hundred locations we go to and there are thousands of BCUK users on here every day, all it takes is for the first couple to be placed and get interested and it will grow with the beauty of the exponential snowball effect :) its not...
  13. unorthadox

    suggestion, geocaching

    How about we start up a geoaching system for BCUK users. caches containing bushcrafty items in popular areas such as dartmoor. What do you think guys?
  14. unorthadox

    March Brockwell meet 19/20

    Arriving on Friday list: joely Al21 scrogger black sheep unorthadox (at about 9pm)
  15. unorthadox

    March Brockwell meet 19/20

    is that the blaydon burn house next to the pig field on the map?
  16. unorthadox

    Are you in google street view.....i am,+Tampa,+Hillsborough,+Florida+33618,+United+States&layer=c&sll=28.059725,-82.516529&cbp=13,338.67,,0,15.12&cbll=28.059411,-82.516238&hl=en&sspn=0.006295,0.006295&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=4234+Winding+Willow+Dr,+Tampa,+Hillsborough,+Florida+33618,+Un...
  17. unorthadox

    Are you in google street view.....i am

    not saw myself on it yet but i found this a while ago
  18. unorthadox

    March Brockwell meet 19/20

    So what happens when we arrive there? do we need to see the owner before going to set up? **edit** ignore the post, just had my questions answered :)
  19. unorthadox

    Crusader cup hanger prototype.

    looks canny, and a lot more durable that the bcb holder :)