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  1. Jonbodthethird

    What would you do on 10 000 BC

    Who been been watching 10000bc and how would you have done. Personally I would have smoked the whole venison and tried to get individual fires as close to the huts as poss to keep the heat in the huts and not bothered with the traps for boar and concentrated my efforts into fishing and...
  2. Jonbodthethird

    Thinking of going Norway in the summer.

    Merry Christmas everyone. I'm thinking of preparing for a trip in the summer to Norway for four days. I've actually never been away from this country while camping. My kit is more or less prepared over here. I just wanted to go with a few people who are more experienced then me. Is there a way...
  3. Jonbodthethird

    Power monkey explorer classic

    Anyone with any long use knowledge in these?! Do they actually work that well?! I've just bought one and the battery pack doesn't work and had to send it back. Not that impressed so far lol. I'm wondering whether to have a refund or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Jonbodthethird

    Power monkey extreme?!

    I'm looking into buying a solar charger I've seen the the previous power monkey at £21 but this new extreme at £93 what's the actual difference. Is Is noticeable at nearly 5 times the difference? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Jonbodthethird

    wanted lowe alpine sting!

    hey peeps ive been using my lowe alpine strike for some time but i want something more comfortable but just as robust and compact. the sting seems to be pretty difficult to find. anyone selling one?
  6. Jonbodthethird

    Tw tarp with doors.

    Anyone seen the 4.2m by 3m tarp with doors or have any experience with one. I've just seen it and not sure whether to buy or not. How light, Durable ect... Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jonbodthethird

    My new mode of bushcraft transportation.

    Recently me and re8eld0g have been talking about been able to commute further distances with out the aid of a vehicle. We have to go places and leave our cars behind in sometimes secluded and unlighted areas. It does make you wonder sometimes if your going to see your car when you come back...
  8. Jonbodthethird

    Making a tarp tent.

    Ok I'm biting the bullet and purchasing a dd group tarp. I have the xl at the moment but I'm a fairly tall guy and I need some more space. Was thinking of making doors with my xl. What's the best of making it with doors. Weight wise I'd like to be able to remove the doors with ease. I thought...
  9. Jonbodthethird

    Titanium goodness!

    Just bought some 25ft dyneema to replace my para cord and a tarp fly and hook from Dutch clips. Can't wait to set it up and see the benefits. Also bought another titanium cup 500ml and a titanium fire box from back packing light. Got some stuff to try out when I'm out next! :) can't wait! Anyone...
  10. Jonbodthethird

    Venison joint.

    Went butchers a few days ago and picked up a big joint of venison. Any recommendations for a marinade? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jonbodthethird

    Anyone else under the weather?!

    Just been struck down by a cold, sore throat and flu symptoms. Achey joints, head ache and hardly any energy. Who else is feeling this way as I've just found out my next door neighbour is also feeling like this and has done since yesterday morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Jonbodthethird

    Heads up on cheap down gullets

    Aldi's down gilets. Rip stop and Ykk zips for £26.99 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Jonbodthethird

    Working the doors..

    Haven't done it in ages... Remembered how much I actually hate it. Got roped in to cover a mate who owns a door... Boredom! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Jonbodthethird

    No good deed goes unpunished. "Don't look if you don't like blood!"

    Firstly I do have re8eld0gs permission to put this up. AGAIN DON'T LOOK AT THIS IF YOUR A LITTLE SQEEMISH OF BLOOD! The trip started with a loverly 2 mile walk with the intention to try re8reld0g's new Warbonnet out. We spent the night under a disused farmers shed. It was generally a cracking...
  15. Jonbodthethird

    Deer Hyde

    Just about to pick up a roe Hyde. Think it's a young doe. Haven't done any tanning for a few months. And I enjoy preparing Hyde while watching television (the missus hates it (I also love seeing her horrified face)) haha! Thinking it would be a great insulator for my chair. :) I'll post some...
  16. Jonbodthethird

    The msr Titan kettle and trangia triangle

    Was thinking now I've got my dehydrator I want to slim up my cookset. I've been looking about a fair bit at titanium stuff and have pretty came to the conclusion I want something meths based still. I've seen the ever new cook set and it really really light but wastes heat around the sides and...
  17. Jonbodthethird

    Just took delivery

    Ok just got my dehydrator (Andrew James digital) through my door and I've already out spag Bol in. Does it stink for long? Smells like the element is burning in. And can anyone give me some advice to improve things. I've washed the meat and drained before adding the sauce. I've heard it's better...
  18. Jonbodthethird

    Got my new dog today!

    Just picked up a new member to the family. Ollie the cairn terrier! Loverly tempered lad. Very calm at the minute. Can't wait till he gets a little bigger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Jonbodthethird

    Fak questions.

    Since I saw a recent post about somebody burnt then selves quite badly I've decided to keep a burns kit in the house and carry one on me on the trail. Question.. How do I keep cling film compact and useable? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Jonbodthethird

    Recommend a dehydrator

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a dehydrator and vacuum sealer? I was looking at Andrew James?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk