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    Some more Bushmoot Photos - Day 2

    These were on Day 2. We did paracord pouches with Elliot in the morning, cheers Elliot, and then made spiral necklaces out of electrical wire, this was an ace activity for the kids as they were capable of the steps and came away with a really nice piece of jewelry! Thanks to the guy with the...
  2. Pawprints

    Armstrong at Bushmoot 2014 - photo evidence of a superb and educational time!

    Our family extend heartfelt thanks to all who organised this year's Bushmoot and to those who generously gave their time to share their experience and knowledge with us! As you will see in the attached photos we had a fantastic time. [/URL][/IMG] Welcome to the wilderness! [/URL][/IMG]...
  3. Pawprints

    New member saying hello

    Hello to all, I am James, I was introduced to the forum when we met Treadlightly and his characterful black dog Monty at the bushcraft show last weekend. He was in the Neighboring tent and told me of you to him.....I have enjoyed browsing the forum today...