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    New to water purification can someone help me??

    I use a Katadyn bottle like this I've had Amoebic Dysentry in India, and you don't want it... I used to run Bushcraft courses in the UK, and we used to build Millbank filters and boil - Chlorine tabs are OK, but they don't get...
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    Real coffee making

    I've got one of these Paid about £8 for it in TKMaxx before Christmas - works with tea and coffee and keeps it warm for over an hour Cheers Pete
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    Nutter alert! Don't try this in the shed folks.

    "........I'll just wind it up to 500RPM........." :eek: So about 60kg or so doing 500RPM, thats going to end in tears soon...!!!
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    Legal advice needed please

    I stand corrected ! The question I had raised was the 'dishonest' bit, which was discussed with a friend (Senior CPS Lawyer) who was mulling it over. And yes the CPS, arch enemy of any good officer... :rolleyes: Cheers Peter
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    Legal advice needed please

    Theft is defined as the act of permanently depriving the rightful owner of property - under this premise they are obliged. Whether or not is is 'dishonest' (which is probably a point for question) would relate to whether the pump has been removed under false pretenses. If so, we are into...
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    Dehydrated food for a 12-day hike

    To get the most out of your food and your digestive system (!) you need to graze all day, looking at your calorie intake as a constant input vs output on effort expended. Regardless of how squeamish you want to be about it, you need to keep fibre in your diet as otherwise things will get a...
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    Legal advice needed please

    Robbi Call you credit card company and say you want to file a Section 75 Complaint. It's not a disputed transaction which is how they are trying to treat it .... Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act states the credit card company is jointly liable for ANY transaction between £100 and £30,000...
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    Hobo stove for 12 cm zebra billy

    Not sure if it helps anyone, but I was emptying the dishwasher at home and noticed the cutlery in the cupboard in these...... They are 112mm internal dia Cheers Pete
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    Stihl 010 AV Chainsaw - 12" Bar plus bits...

    Sold - thanks guys
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    Stihl 010 AV Chainsaw - 12" Bar plus bits...

    Ok - its on evilBay with a BIN of £75, however if it goes to someone from here then I'll donate the 10% to Bushcraft UK.... The saw has been stripped, cleaned and tuned today, and has been run and tested. In the past 12 months the saw has had the following spares fitted : - New Anti Vibration...
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    thinking about getting a gas stove.

    Go Outdoors have the MSR Superfly Stove at £15 instead of £50... Bargain !! Pete
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    Weekend camp programme

    John One of the things we (I run one of the 'unofficial' survival/bushcraft schools in Scouting) found was not to try and cram too much into a weekend, and that meals take 3 times as long to prepare as you would think...!! We used standard UK ration packs as the basis for a 36 hour...
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    Land Rover Rebuild

    Yep, rebuilt a 1974 over nearly 4 1/2 years... All in a single garage...!! New Chassis from Paddock, as were a lot of the other bits... I'm only half an hour away which is costly... I've rebuilt some of the parts to overcome some of the niggling design issues, and done things like have all...
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    Properties of wood\uses

    And all those years my Grandad swore by Preparation H...... :D I'll get me coat.... Peter
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    Unbeaten tracks not available

    I think John has ISP and phone problems due to an office move. They will be back online on the 6th, but if I see John tomorrow, I'll check Cheers Peter
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    Nice big cauldron

    e11even Try here at Unbeaten Tracks as I don't think you'll find a better selection of cast iron pots Cheers Peter
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    Properties of wood\uses

    Yew - good for archery bows... Pine - pine knots good as firelighters, sap is antiseptic Peter
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    Scouts and knives

    Thats what we do. we have a few Mora's in an ammo box, and they are used under supervision. Its usually leaders looking like extra's from a Rambo movie we have problems with... Most Scout campsites are private land, but don't forget the restrictions on blade length etc on public sites...
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    eco kettle

    I've got one, and they are just as good as the kelly. There is a thread about them here and they come with a handle to pick them up, and also a cook pot and small frying pan... Cheers Peter