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  1. crosslandkelly

    BcUK patch.

    Patch arrived this morning Tony, many thanks to you and the admin team for your sterling work.
  2. crosslandkelly

    Circular saw blade knife suggestions.

    Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions for a blade shape to cut from a 1.5mm thick circular saw blade. I have cut the tang, but would like to hear any ideas about blade type or shape.
  3. crosslandkelly

    Lockdown SteamTent camping.

    The weather is so nice it had to be done.
  4. crosslandkelly

    Lockdown garden camping.

    That's me set for the weekend.
  5. crosslandkelly

    Just out of the oven 2.

    Corned beef hash with cheesy leek and potato topping.
  6. crosslandkelly

    Just out of the oven.

    Banana bread.
  7. crosslandkelly

    Lockdown glamping.

  8. crosslandkelly

    Face mask.

    Not really bushcrafty but.... Thought I'd spend a couple of hours in the sun, and have a go at making a face mask. Making a pattern that worked was harder than the mask. Not great, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Will have a go at fastenings and decorations tomorrow.
  9. crosslandkelly

    Garden camp out.

    My daughter and her friend who lodges with us, decided they wanted to camp out (glamp out really, with double airbed, sheets, quilts and fairy lights.) last night. So I set up a little 2man tent and a fire pit, and letthem get on with it. A lot of giggling and laughing till about 11pm then the...
  10. crosslandkelly

    Fire crane and spit jack.

    Knocked up a quick fire crane for my spit jack, to use when garden camping.
  11. crosslandkelly

    TheGreat British Campout for the NHS

    Get your camping fix while respecting the lockdown (and raise money for the NHS) I've already started.
  12. crosslandkelly

    Shave horse, scruffy but it works.

    Just finished the shave horse. Now to find me a project. :)
  13. crosslandkelly

    Shave Horse

    Seeing as I have some time on my hands, I thought I would make a shave horse, something I had been meaning to make for some time. Using some old CLS studding ofcuts from the mancave build. 52" long and 19" to the seat height, the seat is adjustable. I've got this far today. Tomorrow I'll do...
  14. crosslandkelly

    Wood gas stove.

    Thought I'd try out a Lixada wood gas stove I got in the gift it on thread. Nice little stove, fits perfectly in my Zebra 14cm lunch box. Filled it with small twigs and lit it with a piece of birch bark, it caught very quickly and boiled 500ml of water in 8 minutes. Overall useful burn is 20...
  15. crosslandkelly

    Sold Kupilka 550 Bowl

    Hi, I have this Kupilka 550 bowl for sale, brand new and unused. £15 posted. Thanks for looking.
  16. crosslandkelly

    Test Photo.

  17. crosslandkelly

    Hot tent, sausage and mash, wood clearing, birthday weekend.

    Had a great 63rd birthday weekend. I was able to try out the Outbacker woodstove I was given for xmas, it was brilliant, I'd never been so warm, had to sleep on top of my bag. Being able to cook on it and boil water was an added bonus. Good weather on the Friday and Saturday meant we were...
  18. crosslandkelly

    Who's a lucky boy then.

    Santa was good to me this year.
  19. crosslandkelly

    Trip Report Full Xmas dinner in the woods.

    Had a great two nights in the woods last weekend, full xmas dinner on the saturday. Rained all day on the friday for setting up camp, and on sunday for breaking camp. But the godswere kind to us on the saturday,and we had beautiful bright sunshine to prepare the dinner. There had been a shoot on...
  20. crosslandkelly

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy thanksgiving to all our american brothers and sisters.