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  1. EdS

    French 'feuille' cleaver

    Won't let do that
  2. EdS

    What is the best bushcraft chair?

    The floor... Weighs nothing and always with you
  3. EdS

    What have you done for the Environment Today?

    Served Community Protection Notices in relation to burning waste material
  4. EdS

    French 'feuille' cleaver

    Bugger..... Thought that would work. No longer got access to photobucket.... Will have to look at how to post photo
  5. EdS

    French 'feuille' cleaver

    I've an old Peugeot (with the elephants trade mark) cleaver - feuille /Swiss style. I'm trying to find some info on. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. EdS

    Electric chainsaw

    Cheers. Pateley Bridge to Devon is a bit far..... Though tempting via a stop on the North Coast to catch some waves.
  7. EdS

    Electric chainsaw

    Having move to somewhere with mains gas for first time since the 90s I'm not burn anywhere near as much wood.... So I'm looking at getting an electric chainsaw for ease of use etc. Something to sit between a bowsaw and the 50cc petrol beasty. Most cutting wood for the fire pit and a bit for...
  8. EdS

    Miners lamp restoration

    Got a few myself.... Keep meaning to take one underground next time I'm digging
  9. EdS

    Has anyone actually eaten Mugwort ?

    Tastes like wormwood, unsurprisingly
  10. EdS

    Home made dried eggs anyone?

    Can use the empty shells as seedling pots
  11. EdS

    grubby question

    Land prawns
  12. EdS

    Tapatalk add

    Is it possible to get rid of the banner at. It really gets in the way and stops me seeing notifications etc on my phone. I've stopped visiting the site so often as that is how annoying it is
  13. EdS

    Billhook for bamboo

    Admit it you're missing Bronteville When you get back I can lend you a Newton bill for clearing the allotment
  14. EdS

    Anyone used a LARQ water bottle?

    UV disinfection is common in the treatment of private (off mains) water supplies. However, the presence of any solids / colloidal matter or discolouration reduces the effectiveness. Fe and Mn mess it up as does tannin. Peaty water is a right bugger to treat
  15. EdS

    A Challenge Richmond in Yorkshire

    Richmond is a bloody long way from the Wall....... Plenty of spots, but bear in mind it is still both grouse and pheasant season
  16. EdS

    Got a hankering

    Victorinox Spartan What more do you need....blade, bottle opener, tin opener, cork screw, glasses screw driver. Also cheap and easily got.
  17. EdS

    Looking for a rucksack, around 35L.

    Any decent climbing sack will fit the bill and be much more stable. What's your budget? Single compartment, zipped, top loader? Aguille Alipne hard to beat Bomb...
  18. EdS

    Making Mead

    It's got fruit in ...It's not mead Also bottled water is not sterile. It is merely pathogen free, it often has a higher bacti count than tap water.
  19. EdS

    Magnetic North

    Even more of rarity 31 December some of us will be able to see in 2020....
  20. EdS

    Bivvy Bags...worth it?

    Definitely worth it. Use my Outdoors Designs alpine bag a lot. So much easier and lighter than tent.....especially when you've a walk in and a load of climbing kit as well