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  1. Lithril

    See through hammock

    I'm tweaking my kit at the moment not so much in terms of weight but more size to fit into cycling bags. My current hammocks I made years ago and they have (and still are) served me well but they are quite bulky. I was looking at the Alpkit Mora hammock but Sarge mentioned the Sea to Summit...
  2. Lithril

    Keith Beaney's GoFundMe Campaign

    Some of you will know Keith Beaney from the ground art he produces at the BushMoot. If you've not met him he is a great guy and has asked us to post this to promote his GoFundMe page he has created while he fights prostate cancer. If you're able to help him please look here...
  3. Lithril

    Making my first cloak

    So I've been talking to Mary (Toddy) for the past few weeks about making a cloak. The thought started off with our local school doing a world book day character fancy dress so I thought I quite fancied something from LOTR. Then I thought that actually I wanted something for sitting around the...
  4. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 4 (final episode)

    So the final episode in this series is here. Hope you've enjoyed these and look forward to the next video.
  5. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 3

    Episode 3 has gone live today. This includes floor tillering and starting the bow to bend. Enjoy!
  6. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 2

    Episode 2 of 4 of Wayne's Mini Bow making series is now up and running and ready for you to view.
  7. Lithril

    Iron balls!

    Slightly odd request but I need a couple of largish iron balls for some Science demos I want to do. Needs to be iron and not a problem if slightly rusty. Any ideas?
  8. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 1

    A couple of moots ago we spent some time filming different people and topics. This is the first in a series of videos we're going to be posting over the coming weeks. The Mini Bow making vidoes are over 4 episodes. Let us know what you think. Thanks to Wayne of Forest Knights for the filming.
  9. Lithril

    Winter Camp Setups

    So I know most of us will make some changes to kit between winter and summer camping but do you find yourself camping differently or setting up your camp in a different way?
  10. Lithril

    Show me your Wannigan

    I've got a surplus of pallet wood that I've split and is currently in my shed. I'm looking at building a Wannigan to keep my dutch ovens and cooking kit but I nee inspiration. So as the title says... Show my your Wannigan's.
  11. Lithril

    Crafty Christmas Presents

    We often try to make some of our Christmas presents each year, partly for cost but also I think it's nice to have that personal touch. I'm currently working on a set of Cherry teaspoons and a ladle but what other ideas suggestions have you got. Pictures welcome :D
  12. Lithril

    Win a copy of Cody Lundin's book: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your bottom Alive

    With the time to get an early bird ticket to this year's Bushmoot, the question for this competition is: How many Moots will we have held at Merthr Mawr after this year? The prize:
  13. Lithril

    Is it just me or...

    is there something strangely therapeutic about walking in the woods at night in torrential rain wearing decent kit and knowing you're completely dry? Just got back in from a nice walk with the dog and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  14. Lithril

    Ready made fire chimney?

    A friend of mine had some woodland in the New Forest. They felled an ash tree the other day and found it to be completely hollow all the way up. It looks like some Ivy has grown up through the middle and then rotted out leaving a holly up the length of the tree. I'm going to nab a few sections...
  15. Lithril

    Win a copy of Tristan Gooley's book, The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs

    To enter simply use the poll to select the number of books that Tristan Gooley has written. Closing date 31st October, the winner will be notified shortly after. This competition is only open to full members. Good luck.
  16. Lithril

    BCUK Updates

    Dear all We're going to be posting in the main forums soon about some future updates that we're currently in the process of setting up for BushcraftUK. BCUK is currently running on a system called vBulletin which is rapidly becoming outdated, unfortunately recent version of VB are not fit for...
  17. Lithril

    Article: Epic Journey - Southampton to South Africa by bicycle...

    You can view the page at
  18. Lithril

    Article: GoBQ the fabric BBQ...No really!

    You can view the page at!
  19. Lithril

    Article: Bikepacking - is there a place in the Bushcraft world for bikes?

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  20. Lithril

    Article: New Mountain Rescue video made to raise awareness

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