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  1. Andy W

    Heads up! Bargain Shelter.

    Just ordered one, could not go wrong.
  2. Andy W

    army signup ?

    When I was a Crab, I can only say the dentists were great, I had a problem with my 2 front teeth, which I damaged on an assault course and they looked after me very well. Dont know what happens now but when I joined up I completed a medical questionaire, went for a medical before I joined up...
  3. Andy W

    Reclaimed River Logs - Part 2 - Cherry Wood

    Some nice looking wood there, love the grain, real quality.
  4. Andy W

    A wee trip through the Glens

    Great photos, really brilliant
  5. Andy W

    Treated Meself....Lowas....Yummy....

    I also love the Lowa boots they seem to suit my feet well, I am sure you will get years of great service from yours.
  6. Andy W

    Hello from Chris Caine Survival in Hampshire

    Hi Chris, welcome to the forum
  7. Andy W

    Lowa Mountain Boots

    +1 for going up a 1/2 size on the supercamps, really like these, mine will need resoling in the autum of this year.
  8. Andy W

    is this axe any good?

    Nice axe - very tempted myself.
  9. Andy W

    My Boone Challenge

    Sounds like a good time, I enjoyed reading about your time out.
  10. Andy W

    Hullooo from Scotland!

    Hi and welcome to the forum for a Blairgowrie lad
  11. Andy W

    Swiss Volcano Stove any ideas?

    They some times pop up on ebay now and again, but getting expensive now.
  12. Andy W

    Do you regularly forage?

    Wild garlic and brambles, some times wild strawberries. Not educated enough to try fungi.
  13. Andy W

    Out and about for a woodland walk today

    Thanks for the reply guys, I did not take any, but some of them were large, might go back and get some next week end. The tree was very large but standing dead wood, and as I say covered in them. I might have to take my condor with me, dont usually take a fixed blade when out and about on...
  14. Andy W

    Out and about for a woodland walk today

    I was out and about in the woods today getting some pine resin and came across this old dead Birch tree. not sure if these are horseshoe fungus, but this tree was covered with them.
  15. Andy W

    Budget EDC knife for the BOB

    How about one of these. very cheap, strong with a few features. 60 years old but unused, you will need to clean 60 years of packing grease from it when you get it.
  16. Andy W

    Knife handle from oak, coins and a lunchbox :)

    Must say I like that a lot, looking forward to the next one. :D
  17. Andy W

    Article: BCB: Fire Dragon Solid Fuel

    I have just got a bottle of the gel which I have not tried yet. I got it for free as I have got a box of the blocks on preorder and the release dates keep on getting put back. According to the supplyer the blocks will not be ready until mid March. I am not sure if its a production issue or if...
  18. Andy W

    looking at getting some more skills

    Before I put this link up, I will say I have no links with this organisation and am not recieving any favours or services. I went up and visited these people on Sunday - I am looking to do some wood carving and may be a few other things, they...
  19. Andy W

    bit of rental advice in Scotland

    I work in Housing for a local authority, type 2 advisor etc. Speak with Shelter in the first instance, also look at your tenancy, I would think it was a short assured tenancy and there is probably a clause which states the tenancy is for a period of 6 months and would then roll on on a month to...
  20. Andy W

    What is your best bit of kit?

    Lowa Supercamp 2 boots and my Mora clipper, both well used and loved