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  1. Jupiter Jean

    They shall not grow old .........

    Hi Mousey, Just out of interest, how many Volunteers in your village were lost & what were the Cubs estimates for overall enlistment of the village’s Volunteers? I’ve been researching our Parish during WWI for 5 years & discovered all sorts of stories along the way. We had 35 on the Memorial &...
  2. Jupiter Jean

    BushMoot 2019 dates?

    Can anyone remind me what the dates are for the August 2019 Bushmoot please?
  3. Jupiter Jean

    Ready to learn and share.

    Ready to learn and share.
  4. Jupiter Jean

    Cheeky question moot or wilderness

    The Moot is great for all ages, abilities, interests. We come as a family but frankly we all do our own things and meet up when it's time for food or else our teens go and 'forage' in my store cupboard, only evidence that they exist is the washing up left behind! There are a wide variety of...
  5. Jupiter Jean

    Solar Lanterns REDUCED to £2.50 at 'The Range' September 2017

    Ha ha it's usually me rolling my eyes, I only went in to look at curtain poles. Came out with a supposed light weight folding camp chair for my son who persuaded me it was a bargain £29.99 less 20% off & 2 solar lanterns! No pole😂😂 The more I look at the lanterns I'm...
  6. Jupiter Jean

    Solar Lanterns REDUCED to £2.50 at 'The Range' September 2017

    Popped into 'The Range' this afternoon, obviously looked at their camping sale and was very chuffed to buy. 'Illuminate' solar multipurpose lantern Solar/USB powered Waterproof Foldable Looks like you can store small items inside. Range of colours, white, green, blue, pink, yellow 3...
  7. Jupiter Jean

    Fruits in alcohol, what are you busy concocting?

    Sounds delicious, I'll certainly give these a try!
  8. Jupiter Jean

    Fruits in alcohol, what are you busy concocting?

    The local damsons weren't quite ready before the Moot so I hoped there would be some left by the time we came home. Yippeee, there are plenty. I picked some Sea Buckthorn at the Moot which is busy infusing into white rum. Damsons & cinnamon in gin. Experimental- strawberries in white rum...
  9. Jupiter Jean

    Whitling Tools any Recomendations?

    I went with Flexcut, Carl and Lou had tools that I borrowed at the Moot which I found comfortable to hold and easy to use. I now have 6 micro tools, 5 larger tools with handles already fixed (so no having to change blades/handles each time) they also put in a sharpening block & compound. Now...
  10. Jupiter Jean

    Whitling Tools any Recomendations?

    Wow Wayland that is an amazing piece! Missed you at the Moot this year. You'll have to give a masterclass next year on carving.
  11. Jupiter Jean

    Whitling Tools any Recomendations?

    Thanks for al the advice & a chance to use some tools at the Moot. A lovely parcel has just arrived in time for my birthday & Christmas pressy combo! Anyone else looking, I've just managed to buy about £300 of tools for £87 on eBay yippee. If you need me, mum will be in the garden......for...
  12. Jupiter Jean

    Whitling Tools any Recomendations?

    I'd like to get a set of whitling tools but not too expensive. Would be grateful for any info & where to buy them. Many thanks
  13. Jupiter Jean

    New on site venue? The Tea Brewer?

    I've got quite a bit of 'out of date' tea in a cupboard (frankly I don't think tea goes out of date). Happy to donate some. (I buy it, taller husband hides it in tall cupboard I can't reach, I buy more! 😂)
  14. Jupiter Jean

    Hello from sunny Kent!

    Thanks for adding me. We loved Bushmoot last year & as my present husband (26years so far....) is busy extending/building our house & looking for a new job (redundant) I thought I ought to 'join up' as well! There was talk of a whittling course next Bushmoot, any suggestions as to a small...