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  1. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Hi all, Ive been looking for a new rucksack for days, but cant find one that suits my needs or Its to expensive so I decided to make one myself, but Im not sure with what material to go with. Ive heard and read some stuff about Cordura Nylon, Ballistic Nylon and Dyneema Ripstop Nylon...but I...
  2. Floki

    Looking for a new rucksack

    Hi all, im searching for a new rucksack, does anybody know where to get a good rucksack or is anybody selling? The only two things that im looking for in a rucksack are back padding and outside straps. I found this cool olive Explorer backapck on Endicotts (...
  3. Floki

    Dog collar and leash

    I got bored on a rainy day and had some paracord left, so i decided to make a collar for me dog. If anybody wants a pair or wants to know how to make one, just send me a message :) Cheers Floki
  4. Floki

    Summer shoes

    Hi all, im looking for a good pair of summer shoes, i usually take my boots, but my feet always come out soaking wet, so im looking for something breathable and lightweight. Ive heard some good rumors and some bad ones about toe shoes (i'll include a pic below), but im not sure how i feel about...
  5. Floki

    Camping with dogs?

    Hi all, ill be going on a 10day trip into the Slovenian alps. Now i was thinking of brining my dog with me, as i do on many trips. However, it has been reported that there should be heavy rain and thunder storms, i see that as thor challenging me, but i am almost certain that my dog doesn't...
  6. Floki

    Finding & identifying flint

    Hi all, as most woodsman i lite my fires with a ferrocerium rod and if im really lazy i use matches. But this year i decided to spice it up a bit and went a little more traditional, so i started using flint and steel. But as recently i've started to run out of my precious flint and im not...
  7. Floki

    Leather Pouch

    Hi guys just wanted to share how I make my leather pouches, considering that they come in pretty handy while youre on the field, i use them for keeping my tinder dry and carrying plants and fungi, but they can be used for way more things. STEP 1: Gather some scrap leather that you have...
  8. Floki

    Canvas Tool Roll

    Hi guys, ive been carving wood and obsidian flaking a bit now and my tools needed a place so i made this roll. Its made out of canvas and its prefect for when im outdoors bushcrafting, and its really easy to amke too :D Cheers Luc PS Sonni is amazing ;)
  9. Floki

    Greetings from Slovenia

    Hi all, I come from a small country south of Europe, called Slovenia. I am new to this forum, and i hope i can contribute in anyway. Although this is a bushcraft forum, i dont think i can call myself a bushcrafter...but what i can tell you that there is no better feeling in this world then...