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  1. Floki

    The Ultimate "What is this Fungi?" thread.

    Im no fungi expert, but im pretty sure thats a death cap mate from the amanita family one of the most deadliest mushrooms on the planet.
  2. Floki

    Dutch Oven pot stands and pot lifter made

    Beautiful work mate :)
  3. Floki

    Futhark runes

    This book is great for beginners, it teaches the history of runes, how to use them, how to write them, how to read them...+ its really cheap i got it for 6quid (used) :) Amazon link: Cheers Floki
  4. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Right so i jumped down to my local fabric store and the only natural canvas that they had was this one (pics down below) it's 350g/12oz and it looks very thin, im scared that its a bit to weak for what im trying to make, but then again ive never made a rucksack out of canvas before. Is this a...
  5. Floki

    Summer shoes

    A bit of an update on the summer shoes. Ive decided on a Vibram Fivefingers Shoes, ive got a great bargain on them. They fit very well and are extremely breathable and flexible. The only thing i recommend is if you plan on buying them and can't try them on first go for a one lower number then...
  6. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Yeah had a look at those, but they dont really have the color im after, i'm afraid the only way i'll get it is if i dye it (+ i think its going to be cheaper). Nah thank you tho, the postage comes around pretty much the same :)
  7. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Can anybody recommend a good dye for canvas? And is there anything special i should know when dyeing or just follow the instructions?
  8. Floki

    3x3 tarp

    Hi sorry to interrupt i'm just in the market for a 3x3 tarp and had just put the DD 3x3 in the basket ready to buy, but now im seeing all of you lovely folk mentioning lighter tarps from 400g to 200g, what would they be called if you dont mind me asking?
  9. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    I'll probably have another look around my local shops for the canvas on monday and hopefully they can at least point me in the direction of where i could find it. Dying it? Thats not a bad idea, i havent really thought of that :D PS Whats the tool youre after?
  10. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Do you mind me asking where did you get the leather, because i've been having trouble getting it lately? No i havent bought the canvas yet, i looked at some of the links, but it just seem that i cant find that old WWII color that im looking for :/
  11. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Well im inspired by the old WWI and II rucksacks and i love the simple design of the roll up bags, so i think ill try mixing it up a bit, but i'll definitely keep it as traditional as possible (leather and waxed canvas) :)
  12. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Ive got a question about waxing canvas, should i wax the fabric before i sew it together or should i wax the rucksack when its already made?
  13. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    I agree that Cordura might be a batter/stronger material however i just love the look of canvas and leather together, its just something about it :) I dont attend on making a frame i think ill try and add some padding for batter comfort.
  14. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Yeah I decided on a waxed canvas material and all of the outer accessories will be made out of leather. Id love to get the salt and pepper canvas, but so far i had no luck finding it. :)
  15. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Yeah that sounds great, ill ask Peto for some advice. The thing is my country is pretty s~~t when it comes to things like that and practically everything else, also the postage would be pretty much the same, so i was thinking of ordering overline anyway. If you can point me to some suppliers...
  16. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    I have an old beast thanks to Sonni, its a Singer 201, so it shouldn't have a problem sewing the materials. I was thinking about canvas as well I'm only worried that it will be to weak (for a +20kg rucksack)?
  17. Floki

    Best Material for a Rucksack

    Hi all, Ive been looking for a new rucksack for days, but cant find one that suits my needs or Its to expensive so I decided to make one myself, but Im not sure with what material to go with. Ive heard and read some stuff about Cordura Nylon, Ballistic Nylon and Dyneema Ripstop Nylon...but I...
  18. Floki

    Karrimor 60-100 Rucksack

    What color is it and what would you reckon the postage will be? Cheers Floki
  19. Floki

    Helle GT

    If you're on a budget, I suggest you buy a blank blade and make the handle and sheath yourself. Helle makes blank blades for every knife they make, I just bought myself a Helle Viking Blank Blade :) But yeah Helle Knives are great and very durable, you just have to take care of it and it will...
  20. Floki

    Karrimor Sabre SF 75 Ltr Rucksack

    Is it sold? :/