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  1. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Infra red footage of badgers and wild boar.

    Hi all, I've been playing around with a Scoutguard SG550 infra red trail camera and thought I'd share the footage of some badgers and wild boar. Badgers were filmed in Kent and the wild boar in France.
  2. Too Much Kit To Carry

    A video camera that for wildlife.

    Hi all, I would like to get myslef a video camera for filming wildlife and as one who has enough trouble with keeping up with mobile phone technology I haven't a clue when it come to camcorders! A camera that works in low light would be a of great advntage as I spend many evenings in the...
  3. Too Much Kit To Carry

    What car sat-nav?

    Hi all, I need a car based sat-nav for some European travel in my Defender in the coming months and don't know anything about the models available. I'm very impressed with the sat-nav built into my Discovery 3 but alas I can't take it on these trips due to a host of reasons. Any...
  4. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Walkie Talkie help needed.

    Hi all, We need some walkie talkies - set of 4, water proof would be handy, rechargable and standad battery compatible, decent range, etc.etc. Main use is to stay in touch with my son whilst out but be handy for working in the woods. I was looking at these...
  5. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Folkin' Folk Music.

    My mate Martin Ledner has a new album coming out in the next few weeks. Have a listen Martin is a lovely man and his music is wonderful! Enjoy. Phil.
  6. Too Much Kit To Carry

    "Store Wars"

    Found this on youtube with my son this morning - a bit of fun with a message. Enjoy! :D Phil.
  7. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Arctic Whites.

    Hi, I have for swap some Arctic Whites that I bought for an expedition that I was unable to attend. Swedish Army bought as Grade 1 and never used by me. 1 x C46 size jacket vgc 1 x C50 size jacket vgc 1 x pair trousers (looks like one size fits all) vgc EXCEPT a couple of marks on...
  8. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Fire wood values?

    I have spent ages looking for it and can't find it :o But I was sure there was a thread on here somewhere regarding the different calorific values of various UK native timbers............ anyone remember this and can help me locate it please?? Best regards, Phil.
  9. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Tatonka Tarp Needed.

    Hi all, Could anybody tell me the best place to get a polycotton (or similar) Tatonka tarp from please? I'd like one approx. 3m X 4m and need it pretty quickly. Be glad to discuss anything members might have for sale. Thanks, Phil.
  10. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Happy Birthday Seoras.

    Happy birthday buddy :p I know your knocking on a bit now - well another year since yesterday, so you will need to slow down a bit :lmao: Just wanted to wish you many happy returns and thank you for your friendship and your company - I'll be sure to bring the contents for your whisky cup...
  11. Too Much Kit To Carry

    The state of TV and radio.

    I'm not really one for TV and as for radio I've been stuck on Radio Four for years. Neither am I one to complain but I felt so angry that this afternoon I complained about a programme on Channel 4 called Come Dine With Me. Here's my complaint that I sent in to - "I am...
  12. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Happy birthday to bushwackerbob.

    Just noticed that it is bushwackerbob's birthday :D So wanted to post to wish him many happy returns of the day :grouphug: Did you get your telegram from the Queen mate?? :lmao: Have a good 'un. Phil.
  13. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Norway Trip Offer One Place Available!!!

    Hi all, Looks like I can't make it to the Norway trip in December as I shall be training Details: - "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Torjus has kindly offered to take 5 people on a winter course in Norway, he'll cover primitive...
  14. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Happy Brithday to The Joker.

    Just to wish the old boy very many happy returns of the day. Also Pete you need to adjust your user CP as it says that you're only 39 :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: Have a great day buddy. Phil.
  15. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Bushmoot Plant ID'ing help.

    I'm off to the bushmoot with my family and wondered if there would be anybody that is going that could help me with plant ID'ing? I'm really struggling to ID from books and when I have been shown plants in the field, handled them, looked at their habitat it sinks in. So any help would be...
  16. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Help Please - Sunday Times Scotland.

    Hi, I am desperate to get hold of a copy of todays 22nd July Sunday Times Scotland as I helped with an article that has been published in it somewhere. Would need complete paper if possible. Could any kind soul North of the border please help?? Obviously be willing to pay ;) Phil.
  17. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Wanted: - Turkey Tail Feather please.

    Hi, I'm after some turkey tail feathers, or similar, for fletching atl-atl darts. Can anybody please help? Cheers, Phil.
  18. Too Much Kit To Carry

    The Green Guide website

    I thought there might be quite a few folk interested in this website "The Green Guide": - "Is it green? Click and check The Green Guide, consumers' go-to source for green home tips, eco-product reviews, environmental health information and green living advice. Whether you are searching for...
  19. Too Much Kit To Carry

    Nite MX30 Watch Review and Discount Code.

    Well I've had my watch for about a month now and I have to say that it is without doubt the best and most practical watch I have ever owned. It keeps spot on time - to the second over a 4 week period!!! I've really abused this watch since owning it - dropped it, stood on, left it covered in...
  20. Too Much Kit To Carry

    9mm Piles, arrow points......something to go on my atl-atl darts.

    Looking for some metal piles, points etc for some pine 9mm dowel atl-atl darts. Can anybody help please? Phil.