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  1. bob_the_baker

    Fixed the billhook

    Well on my first day at the Autumnmoot the handle on my faithful Hertford pattern Billhook failed at the pin joint, while batoning of all things. So Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in the garden with some well seasoned ash, a hatchet and my knife.1 brass pin, abranet and some hemp oil...
  2. bob_the_baker


    The boss, Anne, is very in to her fermented veg at the moment and was thinking of maybe doing a saurkraut class if anyone would be interested. It would be a couple of hours, costs would be around a tenner, that would include some sampling, jars, veg, salt and seasoning. People would need to...
  3. bob_the_baker

    Trip Report A full conversion by Loch Striven (pic heavy)

    EDIT: something is up with my account and I can't upload images, can only link them and that appears to be a bit iffy. Apologies Last year my brother and I spent 4 days in Knoydart, split between Bothying and bushcrafting. This year my brother suggested we go full bushcraft camping. Left...
  4. bob_the_baker

    2 Schools on Knoydart (pic heavy)

    My brother and I arranged this trip last summer. He is a fell runner, triathlete, extreme distance runner, etc. I am an overweight IT bloke so I was fully expecting to get hammered by this trip while my brother skipped merrily on his way. As it turned out, it doesn't matter how fit you are, a 3...
  5. bob_the_baker


    Think this is some kind of dogwood, but I'm 150 miles away from my books. Could someone please confirm, or otherwise, the Id and advise on edibility/toxicity? Cheers
  6. bob_the_baker

    DIY Pocket Grill

    Just found this on pintrest. Nice and compact and virtually free to make with a bit of wombling
  7. bob_the_baker

    Kiszka lessons

    Learnt a valuable lesson last night while making kiszka for the first time. It's the polish variant of black pudding: a mixture of pork meat, offal, blood and buckwheat groats, seasoned with salt pepper and marjoram. Lesson learnt was that vegetarian sausage skins are water soluble! So after 2...
  8. bob_the_baker

    Another Tree ID request

    Wandered past this this morning. The area is usually pretty wet and there are willows around. I don't know why I find identifying trees so hard, i would have thought a flower like that would have made it easy
  9. bob_the_baker

    Berberis Spork

    After much nagging, I have finally made my daughter her spork. I recently trimmed a piece of, very windswept, Berberis from my father-in-law's garden and was amazed by the colour. Really pleased with this one, the colour and the grain are really nice.
  10. bob_the_baker

    What is this whiping

    I came across this rather attractive whipping. As well as it's pleasing look It is very easy to undo, so would be a good way of storing some emergency cord. But my google-fu is failing me and I can't find it again. Can anyone tell me it's name?
  11. bob_the_baker

    Heads up: Aldi stove paint, wedges, axes

    Next Thursday
  12. bob_the_baker

    Pine Needle Basket

    Just came across this on pintrest and thought that as I am still picking pine needles out of bits of my car from last years bushmoot it could be something to try this year. Anyone tried it? Results worthwhile?
  13. bob_the_baker

    Small Gas Bottle wood burner - Mk1 (pic heavy)

    While performing some long overdue tree pruning for my neighbour the other weekend I "rescued" 3 empty gas bottles from his dads old pigeon coop before it finally collapsed. I have fancied having a go at the gas bottle wood burner for a while, so this seemed an ideal opportunity to have a crack...
  14. bob_the_baker

    Yet more spoons

    Whilst camping at the beautiful Nantcol Waterfalls campsite during half term, the daughter and I made an applewood spoon each for one of our friends then, after some none too subtle hints from SWMBO, we started on some spoons for her My daughters applewood spoon, with integral salt measure...
  15. bob_the_baker

    spooning my sister-in-law

    I'm currently on holiday with my in-laws and my sister-in-law has just had a birthday, so when I found an interestingly shaped piece of spalted birch driftwood I thought it would be a kinky carving project ;)
  16. bob_the_baker

    Perfect Low tide conditions

    Down at my favourite beach this afternoon. Perfect conditions, a very light offshore breeze, clear skies, most other people indoors watching the rugby and a seriously low tide. The Razors were virtually throwing themselves out of the sand. Filled my boots in under 30 minutes. Bit of a rest...
  17. bob_the_baker

    So. You think you can fell a tree?

    Now that is accuracy
  18. bob_the_baker

    where eagles dare packs

    Hi. My name's bob and I have a backpack addiction. I am sat watching Where Eagles Dare with the boy and I can't stop fixating on the packs! The top of the external frame shape is identical to my swedish 45l espedition but the sack has an additional rear pocket. What model are they? I want one...
  19. bob_the_baker

    Small bowl cooking spoon

    A friend asked me if I could make him a small cooking spoon with a small bowl. I wasn't sure if I could as I've only made 1 spoon so far, but after pruning the apple trees I had a nice sized stick with an interesting looking knot in it so I thought it would be rude not to try. Overall length 8...
  20. bob_the_baker

    heads up - kindle daily deal. Stick book

    On today's kindle daily deals The Stick Book http:// Things to do with sticks