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  1. mrmike

    Ridgeline Bushmaster Smock

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum - can you help please?? Does anyone have one of the new Bushmaster smocks by Ridgeline? I am wondering if the new fabric that they use is as breathable as they claim, what the fitting is like, and how small they would pack down. Any help and opinions would...
  2. mrmike

    Lowa boots and montane extreme smock

    For sale on behalf of my missus; Lowa Mauria GTX boots in size 6 (womens) £140 delivered She bought these in in France a couple of months ago, wore them twice outside and then decided that they did'nt fit her feet well enough, so are effectively brand new with zero wear. Blurb from Lowa...
  3. mrmike

    Spring Clearout, items for sale

    Mrsmike and I are having a bit of a Spring clearout at the moment so there are some items up for sale. First up a Ladies North Face down gillet in black, size XL Clean and excellent condition £65 delivered Soldier 95 lightweight trousers in DPM size 85/92/108 (leg/waist/seat) As new...
  4. mrmike

    Clearing out a few things

    Afternoon everyone, As above I am having a bit of a clearout at home and have a few things that I dont want to just chuck away... 1 pair of (unused) web-tex basha/bivvy poles (extendable 55-93 cm). These are unusedbut both do have a couple of marks down the side of them. (the map is included...
  5. mrmike


    Hi, I have just joined the forum and thought it polite to introduce myself. My name is Mike and I live in Appleby, Cumbria. I've been interested in bushcraft since I was a young (er) lad, but havent really got around to going and doing anything yet. Hope I can try and absorb some of your...