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    My thread dissapeared?

    Seems my charity thread has been moved to somewhere I can't see it due to lack of privileges. Where has it gone please?
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    Rab Ridge Raider Bivi

    Bought brand new and never used, just taken from the bag to check it was all ok. Looking to swap, nothing in mind just pm me with anything you value about the same.
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    How to stop fires spreading?

    Does anyone have any tips for stopping camp fires on peaty woodland spreading please. A few years ago round this way there was a big fire in the woods and the cause according to the fire brigade was that the fire was not properly put out or the fire spread underground in the peat. (People...
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    Large Rhodedendron

    A local landowner has given me permission to camp in his woods, this Rhododendron is very large and I've put my hat there for scale. The land used to be gardens to the manor of the village and The Lord of the manor was known for planting trees and landscaping, I would be interested in someone...
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    Any pipe smokers?

    A while back I wanted to try some different flavour tobaccos and bought a load of shag tobacco online, it is meant for pipes and didnt smoke very well. Anyway, I forget what's there, I wrapped up a small Jiffy bags worth of different flavoured tobaccos (all in separate packets) and its sat on...
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    Yardmaster garages.

    Years ago I bought the biggest yardmaster shed they made, total ball ache to put up but got there. Still standing over 10 years later. I'm looking for a large shed and wooden ones are really expensive. Having not had to do anything to the yardmaster shed since it was put up I'm thinking the low...
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    Hello from Norfolk

    Hello all, registered the other day and been having a look about, I notice a few familiar forum handles on here too!:) My name is Tony, I live near Norwich. I have been upgrading my kit recently and looking forward to getting out there and using it. I'm sure there's a lot of shiny stuff...