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    My thread dissapeared?

    A pm would have been nice, I did ask in my thread if it was allowed but no moderator response, thought you guys were there to help as well as keep an eye on malicious posts. Catch up with you Norwich and Norfolk guys through another medium. Signing out, I'll help a charity out another way.
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    My thread dissapeared?

    Seems my charity thread has been moved to somewhere I can't see it due to lack of privileges. Where has it gone please?
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    Always lost my clippers or had them pinched before they have had a chance to break. A can of gas, packet of flints and a clipper should last ages. Anyone had a Howitt lighter before?
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    Any knowledgeable bikers out there?!

    If I had to go back to riding to work I would probably buy a Kawasaki er500 or similar that the riding schools use, cheap tyres and spares. I don't like small wheels on bikes but if comfort and keeping a bit warmer is a big factor, a Yamaha 500cc scooter has the speed to keep up with cars and...
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    Automatic fishing line

    Thanks lannieman. I won't go far as it would probably get pinched if I leave it so no worry about fish going rancid, hopeing for a Talapia, snakehead or catty that will be heavier than the spring can lift. I will give the yoyo to someone before I go home, whilst I will be playing with it I'm...
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    Automatic fishing line

    I'm going to Thailand soon, I think they're pretty relaxed about fishing over there so might be able to try fishing with my yoyo reel. looking forward to useing it as i cant here. Any tips on the most productive way to use it? Jug fishing or staked by the margins?
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    Rab Ridge Raider Bivi

    Thanks for the private messages to quite a few members. I have now had today to think about what I really need and I would really like to swap for a Knife/sharps.
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    They're here !!!!!

    I like it, pointless and expensive but I like it. A whole load of possibilities for numpties to hurt themselves.
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    Rab Ridge Raider Bivi

    Bought brand new and never used, just taken from the bag to check it was all ok. Looking to swap, nothing in mind just pm me with anything you value about the same.
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    Walking Staff / Quarterstaff

    Your carbon fibre staff would be as individual as the wooden ones, as much as I like to go against the grain sometimes I agree this isn't the best material to make it from as I think it would feel flimsy, unless you could buy decreasing sized tubes to slot into each other. How about a staff...
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    Walking Staff / Quarterstaff

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    Mini Speed boat / Kayak? This is odd.

    I like it but if I could afford one I would buy a small secondhand rib with outboard as it would be more useful, probably the same amount of river tax too. Nice bit of fun for getting places other boats can't go.
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    Walking Staff / Quarterstaff

    A while back I was making bamboo water features, I was using all sizes from garden cane size to 6" diameter. I made a very basic bamboo walking stick which I like to take for walks in the woods to poke and prod with. Seasoned bamboo is light and very strong, it floats well to. Someone with...
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    Question about coffee

    Stove top espresso maker. A 6 cup one is enough to fill a mug:)
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    How to stop fires spreading?

    Thanks for all the replies, lots of ideas to think about. To take a couple of ideas and put them together, maybe I will dig a hole in the peat and line the hole with lots of mud, build it up over time to get a good solid firepit. I will try and channel some air towards the base. As its been...
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    Chinese resturaunts

    You'd need a family of four going 3 nights a week for a year to get a bag full. By that time it would have cost you such an amount you wish you'd have paid £2 for the bag of kindling up the local shop! The few times the wife and I have had Chinese food out its always been plastic chopsticks, I...
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    Most honest sales pitch ive ever seen :)

    lightweight tents tend to need a waterproof groundsheet don't they, the weight is kept down but the built in groundsheet is really thin.
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    Large Rhodedendron

    Thanks for the replies, this is just of the big ones, unfortunately I doubt I will get to see this one flower as the business end is the other side of a really long boggy bit I haven't found an easy way round yet. Probably why it's grown so well due to it having a constant water supply.
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    How to stop fires spreading?

    Does anyone have any tips for stopping camp fires on peaty woodland spreading please. A few years ago round this way there was a big fire in the woods and the cause according to the fire brigade was that the fire was not properly put out or the fire spread underground in the peat. (People...