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  1. rorymax

    Confident Lady & Crocodiles

    She has my respect :cool:
  2. rorymax

    Midge Jacket Recommendation Please

    A 2 night fishing trip on Loch Awe coming up. A particularly bothersome and overwhelming clan of wee beasties regularly make us very uncomfortable. Any recommendations for a good midge-proof jacket? head veil works well, but sometimes it is just not enough when I don't want to be confined to...
  3. rorymax

    Stove gas questions

    The 'Gas Stove Freezing Up' thread ( ) prompted me to ask about using propane or propane\butane mix in the following types of stove. I am toying with the idea of refilling used canisters like the one shown in the first image, I would like...
  4. rorymax

    Identification please

    Hope this is in the right place. Anyone know what this is, it is beneath and near to the base of an Oak tree. [/URL][/IMG]
  5. rorymax

    Alcohol stove tins.

    Playing about with stoves again, I bought some of this (actually a lot of stove wick material for the money, if it works then I will be very happy, we will see, needs testing) Now I need...
  6. rorymax

    Aldi Neoprene Wellies

    Not sure if posted in correct section. Lightweight wellies at a decent price, and other bits to keep you warm.
  7. rorymax

    Wood Gas Stove Question

    Having just received a wood gas stove today and not having used one before, I have read a comment saying that the stove should be filled with wood fuel from the ground up without the fuel tray being installed. The comment also said that the fuel tray was to be used for solid fuel (such as hexi...
  8. rorymax

    Best Insulation Order for sleeping warm

    Bit of a long read, I tried to keep it short and simple, best I could do, :sad6: I have been thinking about the best way to form layers for the warmest sleep. I do have a preference for the inflatable air bed to be inside the bivy bag (as I wont roll off it so easily), but that is...
  9. rorymax

    Guy line tensioner

    Hope I've posted in the correct forum. Anyone know where I can get this type of line adjuster from, I do not know what this type is named as either. Sorry for the poor quality photo, it was a screen capture. [/URL][/IMG]
  10. rorymax

    Eternal Light (Kind of)

    As far as I know this kind of thing is not here yet an everyday price that will last for 15 years, technically and price wise it may be just around the corner though, if it is, what uses would you folks use it for...
  11. rorymax

    Wild Camping Scotland By Motorbike

    I'm looking for wild camping sites where I can keep the motorcycle very close by my tent pitch (for ease of unloading\loading and security). I know of and can find many places for car camping, rough tracks and security not being much of a problem. With the motorbike, rough and gravel tracks...
  12. rorymax

    Snowpeak Kettle No 1 I like that this pot has a bail, handles and spout but would prefer a pot like this made of aluminium, I have googled without success, anyone know where I can get such a thing ?
  13. rorymax

    Heat Exchanger pots and Kettles

    Are there significant boil time and fuel savings with this sort of thing...
  14. rorymax

    Go-Outdoors - Customer Service

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to make a post re customer services issues here, but in this case I thought it was a case of "credit where credit is due" (moderator please move if in wrong section). I had a bit of a time consuming (and at personal cost to me) disappointment regarding an...
  15. rorymax

    Sleeping bag cover - protector

    I would like a cover for a top quilt, it does not have to be totally waterproof like a proper bivi bag. Just needs to be able to keep condensation drips or water contact with tent outer layer from seeping through and causing wet spots. Preferably with a full opening zip, or at least half...
  16. rorymax

    Bilash Rice

    I tried the Bilash rice from Aldi, 49p at checkout. The Pilau version is rather good. Pack instructions say add 45ml of water, I found that adding an extra 10 ml was better, but experiment to taste. After the initial water is boiled it is ready after a 2-3 minute simmer, but you do have to...
  17. rorymax

    Trousers that are waterproof at the knee area.

    Not looking for over-trousers, I have those but being very lightweight they do not offer much in the way of abrasion resistance. Totally waterproof at and just above and below the knee area when kneeling on wet ground, like you do when packing up gear and constant bending or on your haunches...
  18. rorymax

    £2.00 solid fuel camping stove B& M stores 2 position stove for different pot sizes, 24 fuel tablets, compact and pretty light weight too, the fuel tablets weigh more than the stove. I intend to use it for keeping prepped food warm while cooking up other goodies on...
  19. rorymax

    Tent seam sealing

    Hope this post is in the correct section. EDIT: FOR SILNYLON, (thanks cranmere) Seam sealing, how to go about it, ready made seam sealants or is it better to make your own, and a recipe for that if you have suggestions. Any help, tips and tricks folks. Thanks.
  20. rorymax

    Wanted- MLD Supermid